Fine Arts Course Offerings

Fundamentals in Art

Fundamentals in Art (One Quarter)
Grade 10
Course #0707

This course teaches the elements and principles of design, building upon the foundation received in Topics in Art. Students will employ various art media in completing their projects.

Topics in Art

Topics in Art (One Quarter)
Grades 9 and 10
Course #0709

This course teaches the basics of art, from design and color to composition. It explores some of the basic elements of our upper level art courses, such as drawing, design, painting, art history and printmaking. The Elements of Art and Principles of Design will be applied to all projects as well as proper and safe use of all materials in the studio.

Art History

Art History (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0717

This course guides students through a study art through the ages. During the first quarter, the focus will be on art history from the Prehistoric Age through the Middle Ages, and the second quarter will examine the Renaissance to present day. The course has both an academic and a studio component.


Design (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0719

This course explores pictorial composition in two-dimensional representation with emphasis on the basic elements and principles of design, the structure of all art.


Drawing (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0721

This course guides students to expand their knowledge of art fundamentals and develop technical skills in drawing. They will draw, using a variety of media, from direct observation of the figure, still life, landscape and architecture. The class content will emphasize design principles, color theory, critical thinking and problem solving in every project. A weekly sketchbook will also be an ongoing practice in order to continue to think creatively outside of class. Media will include graphite, ink, charcoal , colored pencil, and pastel as well as mixed media ( including some elements of watercolor and collage.)

Advanced Drawing

Advanced Drawing (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0722

This fast-paced course is designed for the serious art student who seeks to improve technical skills and develop technique. The course will emphasize observational life and technical drawing and will further expand students' perceptive abilities. Advanced techniques in pencil, ink and charcoal are used as well as pastel, colored pencil and mixed media. Students will begin or continue to assemble a portfolio.


Ceramics (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12Course #0725

This course teaches basic skills and technical knowledge of traditional hand building methods including pinched coil and slab construction and will use a range of surface decorations and firing techniques

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0731

This course teaches the basic tools, interface, features and tricks for using Photoshop. Students will explore the essentials of this application by using real-world examples to work with layers, adjust images, and implement corrections. They will learn about retouching, transforming, opacity, fill and gradient tools, and much more.


Crafts (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0736

This course teaches the basics of composition and quality craftsmanship. Some projects will include stenciling, sculpture, tool painting, and basketry. Students will study the work of both master and folk artists to increase their cultural understanding and inspiration. This course blends academic and technical understanding with creative development and problem solving to foster respect for and appreciation of the arts.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0737

This course in Digital Photography is designed to develop skills in pixel based photographic design and printing. Cameras, printers, inks and paper have evolved that not only match traditional continuous tone photographic quality, but also extend traditional possibilities. In this introductory course in digital photography, we will use this technology to create, edit, post and share images electronically.


Painting (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0740

This course is designed for beginners and those who have minimal painting experience. Students learn the basics of handling acrylic paints and brushes and explore a variety of techniques (glazing, layering, impasto and scumbling) and subject matter (landscape, portraiture, still life and abstraction). The fundamentals of composition, tone, and blending colors are addressed and practiced. One-on-one and group discussions will also touch upon concepts crucial to the creative process, including critical thinking, discipline, spontaneity, metaphor, and others. Technical demonstrations and short writing projects are assigned to complement studio work. The goal of this course is to give students the basic tools and ideas necessary to begin their own personal painting practice.

Yearbook Design: Layout and Publishing

Yearbook Design: Layout & Publishing
Grades 11 and 12 - One Semester
Course #0677 and #0678

This course focuses on the planning, creation, selling, financing, and distribution of Red Bank Catholic High School's yearbook, The Emerald. The finished product is completely student-generated. The fundamentals of yearbook journalism include coverage of the year's events, ethics, writing story copy, writing captions, creating sidebars, and photojournalism. Yearbook design includes creating aesthetically pleasing layouts, using enhancing graphics, and effectively using color. Integral to yearbook journalism is developing and carrying out a theme, both verbally and graphically, that suits Red Bank Catholic High School. Work outside of normal classroom hours will be necessary for this class.

Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics (One Semester)
Prerequisite: Ceramics

This course will further develop the student's hand building skills. This is a hands-on class with both teacher-led instruction and independent studio time. Students will explore the vast topic of ceramics through different techniques, materials, glazes and decorative methods. The course places an emphasis on functional and decorative pieces students create with personal touches and creative alterations, as well as on the individual progress they will be expected to  make during the semester. 

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