Online Account Login Information

At Red Bank Catholic you and your student have several technology websites that, for security purposes require separate login credentials.  All are unique and designed to support your student’s success at Red Bank Catholic High School.  Each website requires a separate login and in an effort to assist in your understanding of these different websites, we have provided an explanation of each.  For your convenience, an organization sheet is provided for you to keep all login credentials in one place. 

Navigating to Login Pages from School Website:   The login buttons are located at the bottom right  of the home page on the gold bar.  You will see three separate links marked "Login", "PowerSchool" and "Naviance".  Information for each is listed below.

LOGIN –  This is the link  to log in to the STUDENT or PARENT DASHBOARD. The Dashboard provides personalized information regarding  your student’s classes, assignments, a calendar of upcoming tests, due dates, etc. Teachers communicate with students via the Dashboard, and school news and announcements are posted there. Parents will see the Dashboard information for their students along with important parent news and information. There are unique login credentials for BOTH parents and students.   In late August, parents will receive login information via  email;   students will receive their login information during orientation.

Administrator: (Mr. Matt Bowen)


POWERSCHOOL –  Use the “POWER SCHOOL” button to review your student’s updated quarter and semester grades, as well as progress reports including teacher comments. Like the Dashboard, there are unique login credentials for students and parents, so parents can see additional parent information when they long in, such as grades for multiple RBC students. Login instructions are emailed directly to incoming freshmen parents, to the parent email on file, once the Parent Portal Authorization form (included in this mailing) is returned.  Login credentials for both parents and student are confidential, and therefore, if lost or forgotten, can only be reissued through an email from RBC. Please complete the authorization form and return it in the envelope provided.  Failure to return this form will delay your student accessing PowerSchool.

                                       Administrator:   (Mrs. Mary Russo)


NAVIANCE (College Search/Guidance) – Click on “Naviance” to enter this Guidance based site where parents and students log in to receive news on upcoming college visits, sports meetings, TA (Teacher Assistant) and Guidance Counselor emails, etc.   Login credentials were created during your student’s initial registration meeting.

Administrator: (Mrs. Tina Schwartz)



K12 PAYMENT CENTER/CASHLESS CAFETERIA –  RBC  utilizes a non cash cafeteria, allowing students to use their school ID rather than cash. Cash payment is not accepted in the Cafeteria.  Cashless Cafeteria is a safe, convenient program that works like a debit system; parents will need to link a credit card to the student account.  Please note: it is a good idea for students who elect to bring lunch on a daily basis have a Cashless Cafeteria account for last minute purchases or a forgotten lunch.

For easy access, click the “Quicklinks” button at the top of the web page and then click “Cashless Cafeteria” in the dropdown menu to enter the site.  Follow the instructions to register your student.  Parents may also log directly onto

To register your student, you will need the Student ID which can be found on the K-12 information sheet included in this mailing.  Cashless Cafeteria login credentials are created by the parent.  Since this information is confidential, RBC will have no record of your user name/password.

Administrator: (Mrs. Karen Dembinski)