The Past as a Prologue: 






There was a time before Red Bank Catholic was a hub of activity in the heart of Red Bank.  A time before Casey teams captured headlines; before performances on the Broad Street Auditorium stage became the stuff of legends; before the world became aware of this extraordinary place through the accomplishments of our alumni; a time when Red Bank Catholic was merely an idea.  There was a moment when someone imagined what could be.  They gave voice to the dream, they rallied support for it and with limited resources and abundant faith, they worked to make it a reality.  Throughout the course of the storied history of Red Bank Catholic, at every pivotal moment, when failure was as likely as success, the stewards of this beloved institution chose the dream over the challenges it presented.  That is our prized legacy—to imagine big, important dreams for this school and then to achieve them.


The story of the creation of Red Bank Catholic’s campus is compelling.  The stories of the people behind that creation, as well as the stories of the people this beloved institution has produced, are even more extraordinary.  Before each addition or renovation, stewards of Red Bank Catholic have always asked, “Who do we want to be?” rather than “what do we want to build?” The answer is always the same.  This is the Home of the Caseys and we want to embody all that being a Casey requires.