Recent Casey grad Erika Recanzone from the Class of 2017 recent found out her college research abstract was selected to be presented at the annual National Strength and Conditioning Association conference in Washington DC. Research abstract presentations are an opportunity to present current research findings to researchers and strength and conditioning professionals at the NSCA. The Exercise Science major at Florida Southern College was encouraged and assisted by her professor and mentor Dr. Charles Allen. Her abstract involves the concurrent activation potentiation on barbell velocity during a submaximal deadlift.  

In 2017 Erika was honored by the NSCA for being their All American Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year. The award is given to athletes who achieve improved development and excellence through strength and conditioning. “After overcoming obstacles throughout life, Erika has devoted her life to maximizing her potential both on and off the field while inspiring everyone around her to do the same. Erika's respect for herself and others, positive attitude and unwavering service to the community is a great asset to not only sports performance and sport, but to our society as a whole.”

An active athlete at RBC, Erika’s interest in weightlifting began to develop as she trained for lacrosse.  It was natural for her to develop her interest in strength and conditioning into a future career. After an injury knocked her back for a while, she has recently resumed her training towards Olympic trials in women’s weightlifting. Her research in this area has the potential to benefit thousands of athletes worldwide.