Early in her career as a student at Red Bank Catholic, Miss New Jersey Gina Mellish never could imagined the path that life has now taken her.  The self described "tomboy" then never dreamed of competing in any sort of pageant.  In her junior year she entered into the Miss Teen New Jersey pageant and won before finally securing her crown as Miss New Jersey.

Gina did not take this responsibility lightly.  She devised a platform against relationship violence, a victim herself in college, to help empower women to break the violent cycle many find themselves in at the hands of another.  After a year of success in fulfilling that mission, Gina turned to what was next.

As a Fashion Merchandising major at Marist University, Gina tapped into her roots at RBC when she was president of the then Fashion Club under the direction of teacher Mrs. Karlee Smart.  After graduating she decided to start a brand.  Two years in, her brand has seen tremendous growth and success through social media promotion.  She spoke to current RBC fashion merchandising and introduction to fashion students about her story, struggles and successes in invention process of her brand as well as the steps and processes that her business goes through in a day to day basis.  Gina's presentation was directly in line with a final project students in Mrs. Smart's Fashion Merchandising class are working on:  Students are creating a brand of their own. They will be creating a logo, choosing fonts and typography as well as creating an "avatar" of their ideal client.  They will also be creating a social media plan with some social posts mapped out.