Red Bank Catholic was part of a statewide call from the Governor’s office last week that was very informative and helpful concerning coronavirus. It was clear that the state is well positioned with the federal government if indeed there was a need to respond.  As the Governor put it, this is a time to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  The statewide task force is available to assist and advise schools.  The information below should be useful.

· The corona virus (COVID 19) is in the same family as the common cold and other respiratory viral infections.  The effects are similar and only a health professional can diagnose it.

· The Monmouth County Board of Health will be the agency in charge of any actions needed, and all schools will work with them if need be.

· Most cases of the virus have mild to moderate effects on people.  The most severe cases seem to affect the elderly and those with compromised health conditions.  Interestingly, children tend to show less symptoms and seem more immune.

· It is spread most often through respiratory droplets.  So the same practical things we do for the flu or cold should be used here.  Washing hands, covering mouth when you cough, staying home if you are sick.  The CDC and state of New Jersey have good websites for reference. ( and also Monmouth County Health Department).  If one is sick with fever, a self quarantine is the recommendation just like the flu unless of course you are advised otherwise by your care provider.  Students are not permitted to return to school until they are free of fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine.

· Our custodial staff employs procedures and the use of cleaning agents that are effective anti-viral products.  There are hand sanitizers around the complex and in bathrooms.  We’ve also been disinfecting touch points such as door knobs.

·  It is unlikely that we would need to close, but we are prepared to implement online learning through the student dashboard.  We have used this system before during snow days.


Red Bank Catholic will keep the community informed as needed for future updates.  We are grateful to the Governor and his team for staying ahead of this.