The Red Bank Catholic High School team of facilities and security has developed a protocol to prepare RBC to open for faculty and/or students at a moment's notice.  These protocols are also part of a long term solution to providing and maintaining a safe and sanitary environment within each school building on campus. 



Among basic cleaning and sanitizing procedures, new touchless faucets and flushers are being installed in all bathrooms on campus.  In addition, multiple new wall mounted hand sanitizer stations are being installed in various locations around the main buildings.  Perhaps the most significant new addition is the use of electrostatic spray technology.  This product produces a mist of disinfectant that coats and adheres to surfaces quickly, drastically increasing the efficiency to maintain safe and sanitary surfaces.  This product also allows for the disinfecting of surfaces during the day when the building is occupied.  The RBC maintenance and security staff will continue to utilize the latest and greatest products and procedures to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for students and staff.