Members of this year's RBC Dance Team collected and delivered dry breakfast food donations for the Back Pack Crew organization based in Red Bank/Middletown. The Back Pack Crew's mission is to provide children with food on the weekends when they do not have their school breakfast or lunch. The program is completely private and relies on donations from the community.  Each backpack has a number that is assigned to a family.  Every week they pack backpacks and deliver them on Friday to the nurses of local schools. The nurse hands out the backpacks and the children bring them home to their families. On Mondays the kids return their empty backpacks to the nurse and the Back Pack Crew picks them up to repeat the process.

The collection at Red Bank Catholic was organized by Senior Performing Arts Outreach Assistants Kristina Cioffi and Hope Scholze. Thank you everyone for your participation. For more information on the Back Pack Crew, please visit their website.  CLICK HERE!