The Red Bank Catholic Garden Club has partnered with Lunch Break Red Bank to grow their own food.  The project combines learning, nutrition and environmental awareness that provide benefits to not only the students, but the community as a whole. The plan includes the construction of 12 raised planting beds and a rainwater collection system, powered by a solar pump, for irrigation.  The raised garden beds were designed and built by student club members under the supervision of moderator and RBC teacher Mr. Bryan Nesci.

For the next phase of their project, the Garden Club will be raising money to help extend the growing season by use of caterpillar tunnels over the beds and a 10'x12' greenhouse.  

The first harvest of leafy greens are expected at the end of this month along with a plan to plant all of the fall crops within the next few weeks.

The ultimate goal is to help provide Lunch Break with "hyper local food" (food grown and consumed within 5 to 10 mile radius) and to teach people in the community how to grow their own food. "We hope to be physically distanced but socially connected, building relationships within the community and bringing people together, " said Mr. Nesci.