A group of Red Bank Catholic students woke up early to catch the ferry into New York City last Friday morning.  Their destination was the United Nations building in Midtown Manhattan, chaperoned by Principal Mrs. Karen Falco and History Department Chair Mr. Gary Gleitz.  Led by recent Exceptional Young Woman of Peace Award winner and Casey Senior Emma DeBiase, they attend a conference to commemorate the 2022 International Day of Peace Youth Observance.  Speaking of Emma's work in Leadership, her former teacher and mentor Mr. George Anthony said, "Her work in developing projects that invite others into effective peacebuilding started as a student back in the 7th grade when her class joined me at a Conference at the United Nations on sustainable peace, in which I Co-Chair. Emma has continued that trajectory as a peace builder with her continued work with UN NGO Pathways To Peace and Learn Lead Serve Human Rights organization. RBC will be her platform to continue her good works as a peace builder."  

Emma was joined by fellow students, juniors Mia Rodriguez and Garrett Nolan.  Maya addressed the conference regarding discrimination and racism in the modern world.  This coincided with the theme of the conference which was "End Racism.  Build Peace".  Among other dignitaries present was António Guterres, of Portugal.  "This trip presented our students with the opportunity to see the Casey values of service and charity in action in a global forum," Mr. Gleitz said.