Red Bank Catholic welcomes our newest Caseys as the Class of 2025 completed its two-day Freshman Orientation today. Student Council officers and Casey Ambassadors greeted the freshman as they arrived, showed them to their homerooms and coordinated fun “ice breaker” activities, including the traditional campus-wide scavenger hunt where they explore the campus in small groups. They become familiar with the buildings and offices which will be part of their everyday life for the next four years.

The Student Council will host a Freshman Social event soon where the newest Caseys will celebrate their beginning here at RBC.  Parents will gather the same evening for the Freshman Parent Social hosted by RBC PTA.  The social events were postponed due to the weather associated with Hurricane Ida. 

After going through their class schedules on day two of orientation, the freshmen are now ready for next week when the halls will fill with the rest of student body for the first day of classes.  Welcome back everyone and welcome to the Class of 2025!