This year at Red Bank Catholic, safety is on the menu in the cafeteria.  The administration and maintenance/security staff has allocated personal protective equipment (PPE) funds to keep students safely apart in the cafeteria during their lunch periods.  Since students will be eating, their masks may be removed during lunch.  To mitigate the potential hazard, plexiglass partitions were affixed to the cafeteria tables to help prevent COVID spread.  In addition, students will be seated to a maximum of 6 per table to ensure proper distancing.  Colored dots will be added to the benches of the tables to designate where students should sit.  Each lunch period will be heavily monitored by RBC faculty and staff to help maintain student compliance during the lunch period.

As part of the school’s plan, Moving Forward in Faith Effectively, students are strongly encouraged to bring their own lunches from home.  The cafeteria staff will offer a limited menu for students who choose purchase lunch.