A school committee studying new “21st Century Trends” recognized that today’s academic preparation must include innovation, flexibility and adaptability as they prepare RBC students for ongoing societal changes and future career goals.

Committed to the success of their students in every aspect of their lives, the Red Bank Catholic High School administration and faculty are pleased to introduce The Pathways Program which will help students identify career pathways and develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for success. Designed with innovation and flexibility in mind, The Pathways Program offers students multiple opportunities to experience their future career expectations in a variety of disciplines through Inspiration, Exploration and Destination. Students in the program will be able to choose pathways in the following areas:

          •        Arts, Media and Entertainment

          •        Business and Entrepreneurship

          •        Criminal Justice and Law

          •        Engineering and Design

          •        Health and Medical Sciences

          •        Social Science and Humanities

Internships and The Capstone Project have been a tradition at RBC. Over the years RBC students have gained real--world professional experience through a variety of Internships working in law firms, accounting firms and local businesses.

Past Capstone Projects include 1796, Political Consulting Firm;  The Use of Traditional Mexican & Haitian Botany in the United States; STEM Sells: What is Higher Education Really Worth; Models of Car Sharing Dependent on Multiple Variables. These opportunities will now be the culminating activity (activities) in The Pathways Program which will span all four years of a student’s education at RBC.

The Pathways Program will launch with the opening of the 2021-2022 academic year and will be open to students registering at RBC beginning this February. Every student will have the opportunity to apply to the program and offerings will be integrated into their courses and curriculum.

During their freshman year, students can consider a possible topic for research as a Capstone Project.  At the end of sophomore year they will be invited to seek out a faculty member who has the knowledge and availability to mentor them during junior year, and continue through researching, writing, and presenting their work during senior year.

This is an awesome experience for any student who desires to undertake this learning experience. The professional and experienced faculty at RBC is pleased to share their expertise and facilitate the Capstone Project.

The Pathways program fulfills the mission of Red Bank Catholic High School by engaging the minds, hearts and souls of our students. This has always been the realized promise for students and families choosing Red Bank Catholic education.

The Pathway committee is a Standing Committee that will continue to meet throughout the school year to monitor the effectiveness of the program, listen to the voices of the students, study the continuing and evolving 21st Century Trends and evaluate the progress of “The Pathways Program”.

Further Information and questions regarding this program will be found on the Red Bank Catholic High School’s website, Frequently Asked Questions section, school social media sites, the school admissions office, and the school Guidance Department.

The Red Bank Catholic administration and faculty look forward to implementing The Pathways Program for all of our current and new students as we help the students prepare for a different world that is evolving in our communities.

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