Mission & Philosophy

Our programs pursue excellence in faith, academics, cultural awareness, athletics, and personal wellness.  Red Bank Catholic fosters an environment of Catholic values based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, respecting all human life and the dignity of every individual, and pursuing the leadership that is at the core of our tradition.


The mission of Red Bank Catholic High School is to fully engage the minds, hearts, and souls of students in our Roman Catholic community so that they can succeed in every aspect of their lives.


We believe that: 

  A Catholic educational environment fosters the maturation of faith within the student. RBC students Live In Faith Effectively, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, by serving others and providing an example of moral leadership.

  An integral component of Catholic education is the formation of men and women of integrity who possess a moral compass that respects diversity and the rights and opinions of others.

  Every student has an innate ability to learn and to maximize his or her potential through multiple modes of learning and assessments that are employed to help each student achieve his/her potential.

  Faculty, family, and community support each of our students in his or her quest for educational excellence.

  A strong sense of self-esteem is critical to healthy adolescent growth and development. Supporting the physical, mental, and spiritual health of each RBC student is of the utmost importance.

  Red Bank Catholic provides a forum wherein students can develop social skills, cooperative learning, and a sense of belonging.

  A 21st century education includes opportunities within religious tradition, academics, community service, art, music, theatre, and athletics.

  Educated men and women will be accountable and able to live out their ideas, follow their consciences, and assume leadership roles in the family, community, church, and world.