Message From the Principal


Pope John Paul II urged Catholic universities to strive to become communities where students, teachers and scholars are committed to “learning rigorously, so as to act rightly to serve humanity better.” He implored these institutions of higher education to be important means for doing good.  At Red Bank Catholic, we aspire to emulate the best; thus, we embrace the Pope’s appeal and aim to create a culture of rigorous learning, character development, opportunity and service to humanity.  We strive to be an important means for doing good.

A Red Bank Catholic education forms the whole person.  It is our mission to fully engage the hearts, minds and souls of our students.  We believe this happens in classrooms, in labs, in pews, on stages, courts and fields.  Our students seek to serve not because it is required but because it is an integral part of our culture.  Our students are engaged, active, ambitious and inquisitive.  Each year we enroll young men and women of promise and each year graduate men and women of purpose. Our students are Caseys.  That is an honor, a tradition, an essence, a responsibility and a charge. It is the reason we are an important means for doing good.

We invite you to explore all that it means to be a Casey on this site. Welcome to Red Bank Catholic, Home of the Caseys!

With a prayer,

Bob Abatemarco