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Dance Department Courses for Credit

Dance Elective 1
(No prerequisite - Offered to sophomores)
Focuses on dance techniques such as ballet, jazz, theater dance, world dance and other contemporary dance styles. The emphasis will be on history, dance appreciation, the choreographic process, proper technique, rhythmical movement patterns, and coordination. The class period will consist of a brief warm-up, stretching and strengthening dance exercises and techniques, improvisation and creation of movement, as well as jazz, ballet, theater dance, world dance or hip hop combinations. Students are also introduced to the history of dance in America and around the world. 

Dance Elective 2
(Audition required for placement - Offered to juniors)
Focuses on dance techniques including ballet, jazz, lyrical, and world dance. The emphasis is placed on history, current events, critique, proper technique, rhythmical movement patterns, coordination and performance.  Juniors in the department are offered workshops in nutrition for the dancer, while seniors in the program learn how to choreograph. Performances include the Holiday Dance Show in December and the Spring Dance Concert in May.

RBC Dance Company

(Audition required; must be a junior or senior in the dance department)
Acceptance into Dance Company is a privilege. Students should possess a dedicated and hard-working attitude and commitment to the program. Company meets every Friday for rehearsals from September through May and performs in at least 5-10 shows throughout the year, including Liturgical Dance for RBC. There is a dance intensive in August and Dance Company also participates in the Regional and National High School Dance Festivals every year. In the past several years, Company has performed in Disney World and at halftime during the Orange Bowl.

After School Dance Program

(Audition required for placement- Offered to all students at all levels)
This extracurricular class is an introduction to the RBC Dance program. The classes meet once a week after school from October to January. In January the students perform in “The Coffee House Cabaret” to showcase their talent. After the Cabaret, students are invited to audition to dance in the senior choreography projects. Students work with the senior Dance Department students on their choreography and perform their dance in the Spring Dance Concert in May.

Arts from the Heart

This group of talented and extraordinary students visits nursing homes and assisted living communities on the weekends to share their talents by performing a brief show to entertain residents. Students work together to perform dances, play an instrument, sing, act a scene or monologue, or perform a comedy or magic act. The performances are typically on weekends from October to March, based upon student availability.  Students that are active members of this program can earn hours for the Christian Service Project.

Summer Dance

RBC’s Dance Department offers incoming freshmen a summer dance camp. Students attend a two-hour class, four days per week for two weeks. The camp focuses on dance techniques including stretching and strengthening exercises, ballet, jazz, musical theater, hip hop, modern and lyrical. The camp usually takes place at the end of June/ early July. Students can register for this program through the school website.

Guest Choreography

(Sign up required through the dance department; must be a member of department or after school dance programs)
During rehearsal quarter for the Winter Dance Concert, Coffee House Cabaret and Spring Dance Concert, RBC dance faculty invites professionals and alumni working in professional dance to work with RBC dance students. The purpose of these workshops is to introduce RBC dance students to a variety of dance styles and teachers. Each dancer interested in guest choreography should be able to pick up and retain choreography quickly. The workshop consists of a warm-up, stretch and choreography of one complete dance to be performed as part of one of the Main Stage Dance Concerts.

Dance Club

The club meets during the school’s “activity period” (approximately twice per month.) After a brief warm-up, students are instructed in dance and yoga postures to stretch and strengthen, proper breathing techniques, and dance combinations including jazz, modern, lyrical or hip hop. This activity period is open to anyone, and all levels are welcome!