Performing Arts Parents Association

Dear Parents,

The Performing Arts Parents Association (PAPA) works together to help support all of the performing arts programs of Red Bank Catholic High School by:


Helping to raise funds to supplement the performing arts budget and facilities.

Volunteering to sell tickets, work backstage, help sell refreshments, chaperone…etc. Promoting Performing Arts Fundraisers and Performances.

We have a meeting to explain the role of PAPA, the goals of the department for the school year and the upcoming events we have scheduled!

In order for us to support the growing performing arts program here at RBC we really need parent involvement.The parents are a huge part of this program and the assistance that they provide is invaluable and helps the year run smoothly. It is a great way to stay involved with the kids and be a part of something special with them. It's pretty amazing to be involved in what goes on behind the scenes of the shows- what we do to prepare and how exciting and electric it is during the performance. Even if they never tell you verbally your children really do appreciate your involvement. We understand how busy times can be but we need your support to make this work and there are many ways that you can help- from donating a case of water to sitting backstage during a show. We hope to see you all at the first meeting!

With high hopes,

Stacy Bascom

RBC Performing Arts Chair