The Coed Advantage

Three Coed Students

The debate persists about the merits of coeducation versus single-sex education with conflicting research supporting one view or the other.  At Red Bank Catholic, we teach the whole person and nurture a school community where the importance of gender equality is fundamental. Therefore, we strongly believe in coeducation.

Coeducation is an authentic, real-world experience.  We prepare our students to collaborate and lead in the world they will inherit.  An insular environment which separates students from the opposite sex can lead to misunderstandings based upon biases and stereotypes. By learning in an environment that more closely resembles the real world, students will develop more positive interpersonal skills. They will be better prepared to succeed both personally and professionally.

The Red Bank Catholic mission, “to fully engage the minds, hearts and souls” of our students is only accomplished in a coeducational environment, which encourages and enhances diversity of thought and points of view. Class discussions are enriched when young men and women express their intellectual and emotional reactions to lessons and reading assignments. Such discussions are not possible in a single-sex classroom.

Red Bank Catholic offers resources that are at the forefront of educational technology.  Our experience is that girls excel in math and science, and boys excel in the arts when they are taught by experienced teachers in an environment that encourages equal opportunity. Students’ education is enhanced when young men and women learn, collaborate and pray together, side by side.

Social development is key to helping students grow into well-adjusted adults.  Learning how to manage relationships and interact with each other on a daily basis is an integral part of healthy social development. We believe that happens more easily in a coeducational environment.

The young men and women who graduate from Red Bank Catholic are equipped with the academic readiness and social skills necessary to achieve success in college and beyond.