Fine Art & Performing Arts

An art student works on her masterpiece!

A music student performs on stage.

Dance students perform on the BSA stage.



To foster an appreciation for historical, cultural, and religious influences on the artwork of humankind through Dance, Music, Theatre, Media, Entertainment and Visual Arts.


Fine Arts

 Topics in Art
 Fundamentals in Art
 Computer Generated Art
 CADD I and II
 Art History
 Capstones and Internships


Performing Arts

 Introduction to Theater
 Honors Theater Arts
 Honors/AP Music Theory
 Music Tech
 Student-Directed Black Box Productions
 Capstones and Internships



Fine Arts

 Product and Fashion
 Growth and Enrichment Designer
 Art Services
 Textile Design
 Set Design
 Interior Design
 Fashion Illustration

Performing Arts

 Communication Artist