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Full Curriculum Guide 2024-2025



The Religion Department is the “heart” of the Red Bank Catholic community and as such, shares in the catechetical mission given to the Church by Christ. We have implemented the “Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age,” as mandated by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Through this framework, the Religion Department provides students with knowledge and appreciation of Scripture, the history of the Catholic Church, the living word of God and His mission of salvation, Christian discipleship in our world today, and ecumenical and interreligious issues.

The goal of the department is that students will grow in their respect for self and others, achieve a confidence that enables Christian leadership, and awaken to the realization that they are part of an ever-growing Casey legacy of service in the name of God.

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Business Education

The philosophy of the Business Education Department is to develop young men and women who aspire to be life-long learners, globally competitive and skilled workers, future business and community leaders, productive team members, and responsibly engaged citizens in a business-oriented society. Emphasis is placed on enabling students to become productive and contributing members of society capable of economic self-sufficiency with the ability to adapt to change.

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The English Department encourages all students to develop the requisite skills to master a variety of writing genres while incorporating standard English conventions in all of their written work. Critical reading and analysis are both crucial components of the curriculum. Therefore, students will explore literary works from an historical, societal, and artistic context. The department seeks to foster students’ independent thinking skills and ability to express themselves cogently and effectively.

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Fine Arts

The philosophy of the Red Bank Catholic Fine Arts Department is to recognize and foster the creative spirit in students.  The courses aid in the development of aesthetic and technological skills and encourage a diverse approach through a variety of media. Students gain insight into powerful ways of communicating ideas and are encouraged to explore their creative voice through art.

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History & Social Sciences

The History and Social Sciences Department focuses on the analysis of a person’s social relationships in the past and present with the emphasis on Christian ideals and practices. Students become aware of their civic rights and responsibilities and the inherent dignity of all persons. They develop the reasoning and research skills necessary to explore different views of major inquiry issues. Key components of the curriculum are the exploration of both societal and historical events and the fostering of global awareness.

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The goal of the Red Bank Catholic Leadership Program is to help each student identify and develop important skills, processes, and opportunities that promote awareness of his or her own leadership potential. Students are provided opportunities to learn and practice essential leadership skills throughout the curriculum and within the larger community.

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The Mathematics Department philosophy is the development of a community of critical thinkers with the skills to be successful problem solvers in their everyday lives. The department seeks to provide an interactive, collaborative environment through a variety of courses that encourage students to break down complex problems and develop strategies for finding solutions across a wide range of situations and disciplines.

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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department fosters the creative spirit in students through experiential learning opportunities that can extend across disciplines. The diverse classroom curriculum and performance experiences enable students to work in a positive environment that promotes respect, commitment, teamwork, professionalism and enthusiasm.

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Physical Education

The philosophy of the Physical Education Department is to develop the total person through required course offerings in physical education, health, CPR and driver education. The program is designed to develop specific skills which are essential to maintain physical, emotional and social well-being. Emphasis is placed on the individual student’s responsibility to make appropriate choices in order to meet these goals.

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Science and Engineering

In a letter from Pope John Paul II to the Director of the Vatican Observatory on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the publication of Isaac Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, the Holy Father said:  "The scientific disciplines...are endowing us with an understanding and appreciation of our universe as a whole and of the incredibly rich variety of intricately related processes and structures which constitute its animate and inanimate components. This knowledge gives us a more thorough understanding of ourselves and of our humble yet unique role within creation."  With this in mind, the philosophy of the Red Bank Catholic Science Department is to engage fully the minds, hearts, and souls of students by providing them with the opportunity to understand and interact with the physical and biological world in which they live. Extensive laboratory experiences are incorporated into the science courses as an aid in accomplishing this goal. As students are exposed to a cross-section of biology, chemistry, environmental sciences and physics, they will gain a variety of skills. In becoming proficient in the safe and proper use of the tools and techniques of science, students will obtain a vision. "This vision provides a strong support for the values which are emerging both from our knowledge and appreciation of creation and of ourselves as the products, knowers, and stewards of creation." (Saint John Paul II) 

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World Language

In accordance with the Mission and Beliefs of Red Bank Catholic, the World Language Department is committed to developing the total student through the Catholic values of love, respect, faith, dignity, morals and leadership.   Our goal is to enrich each student globally through communication of a world language and the culture associated with it.  Students will be introduced to a world language through different modes of learning in order for each student to excel to his or her fullest potential.

Students will demonstrate their skills in the four components of language learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition, cooperative learning and technology will play an extensive role in developing valuable communicative skills and personal student confidence. As a result, students will gain understanding and respect for other countries, as well as for each other.

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