Fine Arts Course Offerings

fundamentals in art

Fundamentals in Art (One Quarter)
Grade 10
Course #0707

This course is designed for those students who wish to expand their knowledge of the visual arts and continue to develop their artistic skills. The class will build upon the concepts and techniques mastered in Topics in Art and will employ various art media.

topics in art

Topics in Art (One Quarter)
Grades 9 and 10
Course #0709

This course teaches the basics of art, from design and color to composition. It explores some of the basic elements of our upper level art courses, such as drawing, design, painting, art history and printmaking. 

art history

Art History (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0717

Students will study art through the ages, both trough academics and studio component.  The course will focus on art history from prehistoric times through the present day.


Design (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0719

This course explores pictorial composition in two-dimensional representation with emphasis on the basic elements and principles of design, the structure of all art.


Drawing (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12 
Course #0721

Students will expand their knowledge of art fundamentals and develop technical skills in drawing. They will draw from direct observation of the figure, still life, landscape and architecture. The course content will emphasize design principles, color theory, critical thinking and problem solving. Media will include pencil, ink, charcoal , colored pencil and mixed media.

advanced drawing

Advanced Drawing (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0722

This fast-paced course is designed for the serious art student who seeks to improve technical skills and develop technique. The course will emphasize observational life and technical drawing and further expand students' perceptive abilities. Advanced techniques in pencil, ink and charcoal are used as well as pastel, colored pencil and mixed media. Students will begin or continue to assemble a portfolio.


Ceramics (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12Course #0725

Students will learn basic skills and technical knowledge of traditional hand building methods including pinched coil and slab construction and will use a range of surface decorations and firing techniques.


Crafts (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0736

Students will explore the basics of composition and quality craftsmanship from many diverse cultures and time periods. Some projects will include stenciling, sculpture, tool painting, and basketry. Students will study the work of both master and folk artists from around the world to increase their cultural understanding and inspiration. This course blends academic and technical understanding with creative development and problem solving to foster respect for and appreciation of the arts.

digital photography

Digital Photography (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0737

This course will teach the student the fundamentals of digital photography. Students will learn about composition, lighting, mood, and editing. Students will use digital cameras and mobile devices to create, edit, post and share images electronically. This is a hands-on course requires students to take photographs in their own time throughout the semester.


Painting (One Semester)
Grades 11, 12
Course #0740

This course will concentrate on several paint media and techniques. Students will work from a variety of subjects including figures, landscape, and still life as well as invented forms. Students will be encouraged to experiment and develop their personal artistic style. Students will also study the history of painting.

yearbook design: layout and publishing

Yearbook Design: Layout & Publishing
Grades 11 and 12 - Full Year
Course #0677 and #0678

  • This course focuses on the planning, creation, selling, financing, and distribution of the yearbook, The Emerald. The fundamentals of yearbook journalism include coverage of the year's events, ethics, writing copy, captions, creating sidebars, and photojournalism. Students will learn to design aesthetically pleasing layouts, using enhancing graphics, and effectively using color. Work outside of normal classroom meeting hours will be necessary to complete the tasks involved in yearbook development and production.

advanced ceramics

Advanced Ceramics (One Semester)
Prerequisite: Ceramics

This course will further develop the student's hand building skills. This is a hands-on class with both teacher-led instruction and independent studio time. Students will explore the vast topic of ceramics through different techniques, materials, glazes and decorative methods. An emphasis is placed on functional and decorative pieces the student creates with a unique personal touch and creative alterations. 

honors advanced photoshop

Honors Advanced Photoshop (One Semester)
Grades 11,12
Course #0715


In this honors course, students will continue to expand their knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Students will be responsible for creating projects from both in class instruction as well as instructional videos online. This is a project based course and students will finish with a portfolio that they can use for collage applications.

yearbook: editorial staff

Yearbook Editorial Staff
Grade 11 - Full Year
Course #0747

The student Editor(s)-in-Chief are the leaders and decision makers for the yearbook staff of Red Bank Catholic High School. The Editor(s)-in-Chief will complete a  myriad of tasks to create a quality yearbook that reflects the pictorial history of the activities for the present school year.

introduction to photoshop

Introduction to Photoshop 
Grades 11,12 - One Semester
Course #0714

Students will learn the basic tools, interface, features and shortcuts for using Photoshop. Students will learn about image manipulation, photo retouching and repairing, typography, and design process. In this introductory course, students will obtain general knowledge that will be beneficial in today’s technology driven world.

media production i

Media Production
Grades 11,12 One Semester
Course #0724

This introductory course will give students a thorough grounding in the basic techniques of video storytelling. Students will learn basic video production, visual composition, field camera practice, lighting fundamentals and digital video editing. This is a hands-on course that requires students to produce group and individual projects throughout the semester.

media production ii

Media Production II
Grades 11,12 - One Semester

This course will further expand students knowledge of video production for purposes of entertainment, information, and education. Students will learn techniques of designing and producing creative and effective audiovisual communications. Lighting, principles of good composition, structure and program design are emphasized. This is a hands-on course that requires students to produce group and individual professional quality projects that can be used in college applications reels.