History and Social Science Course Offerings

us history i - cp

Grades 9, 10
Course #0915

US History I is a condensed study which begins with the period of colonization and chronologically covers up to the period of Industrialization. The course focuses on historical events from a political, social and economic perspective. Students will also study geography and how it impacts events in history. This course will also focus on the basic skills needed to be successful, such as study techniques, note-taking skills, and writing

us history i - acp

Grades 9, 10
Course #0917

US History I is a condensed study beginning with the period of colonization and chronologically covers history to the Spanish American War. The students study in depth the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, and Industrialization. They explore historical events from a political, social and economic perspective, and are given a refresher course in essential geography to ascertain that they are able to place historical events in a global context.

honors us history i

Honors US History I
Grades 9, 10
Course #:  0919

Honors US History I  provides an in-depth study of the key events in American history from the colonial period to Imperialism. This is achieved through simulation games, reading of primary sources and analytical essays.

us history ii - cp

Grades 10, 11
Course #0925

This course presents a survey study of the United States from the Spanish American War to modern times. It is designed to give students a sense of the growth and development of the American heritage. The needs of the students in terms of reading levels is taken into consideration.


us history ii - acp

US II History - ACP
Grades 10, 11
Course #0927

In a chronological format, this course continues the study of United States history from 1900 to the present. The political and economic growth of our country, the causes and events surrounding World War I and II, the study of social issues, such as the role of minorities in the formation of our cultural heritage, and the increasing involvement of our nation in foreign affairs will be highlighted.  This course also reinforces and enhances the principles of leadership and helps students develop a consciousness about the nature of our society.


honors us history ii

Honors US History II
Grades 10, 11
Course #0929

US History II provides the student with a deeper understanding of American history. This is achieved by the variety of tasks such as primary source readings, book reviews, and analytical essays. Various schools of historical thought are examined.


world history

World History
Grades 11, 12
Course # 0935 CP
Course # 0937 ACP

World History is a survey course. The first semester provides the student with an understanding of the social, cultural and political development of ancient cultures. The second semester concentrates on European history and the impact of Europe on the major regions of the world. Students develop an understanding of diverse cultures and the need to be tolerant. On the CP level, emphasis is on developing academic skills, as well as developing an appreciation for other cultures.

honors world history

Honors World History
Grades 11, 12
Course #0939

Honors World History is designed to provide the honors level student with a comprehensive introduction into the significant cultures, nations, ideas, and people instrumental in the development and progression of the world. The course also provides the student with the knowledge necessary for a comparative analysis of cultures and trends in history from prehistoric times to the twentieth century. The course places strong emphasis upon the development of the student's ability to write critically, to formulate logical and substantive opinions, and to be able to voice those opinions in class discussions.

ap world history

AP World History
Grades 11* and 12
Course #0960
*Dual Enrollment Course

This course is an extensive and intensive examination of global societies, social structure, and the themes and processes which have shaped our world since the Middle Ages. The students will learn the analytical and writing proficiencies necessary to succeed on the Advanced Placement World History exam. 

american government and politics

American Government & Politics
Grade 12
Course #0945

This course offers an in-depth study of the systems of American government. The Constitution provides a basis for the study of our federal, state, and local governments. The course includes a review of our political heritage, the American party system, opinion groups, lobbies, and the election process.

AP Government and Politics

AP Government and Politics
Grade 12
Course #0965

 AP United States Government and Politics is a college level course offered to students who wish to be academically challenged and plan to take the AP exam in the spring. It is a survey course that provides an introduction into the operation of American national government. As such, itl examines:

• The American system of government and its origins
• Political opinions, interests, and behaviors
• Political organizations, to include parties, interest groups and mass media
• The institutions of government and their role in making and enforcing public policy
• Civil liberties and civil rights
• Primary source materials and contemporary news analyses

By exposing students to these areas, this course fosters the development of the analytical perspectives for interpreting, understanding, and explaining the political processes and events in this country. 

honors 20th century world history

Honors Twentieth Century World History
Grade 12
Course #0946

This course provides an introduction to the historical background of the crises of our age. Students explore the impact of rising nationalism and declining colonialism and the struggle between democracy and dictatorship. An analysis of the consequences of war is integral to the course.


ap american history

AP American History
Grades 10* and 12
Course #0950

This is an introductory college course for the advanced student. The topical approach is used to study the discovery era to the present, with special emphasis on those topics included in the Advanced Placement program syllabus. Independent research and in-depth readings on assigned topics are integral to the course. 

principles of psychology i

Principles of Psychology I
Grades 11, 12 (One Semester)
Course #0976

This course introduces interested students to the fundamental concepts that support psychology as a scientific discipline. Students explore the history of psychology, research methods and data analysis. Relevant topics include sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, and memory.


principles of psychology ii

Principles Of Psychology II
Grades 11, 12 (One Semester)
Course #0975

This course furthers student understanding of the field of psychology, and takes an in-depth look into human development, personality, abnormal psychology, treatment, and social psychology.


ap psychology

AP Psychology
Course #0970
*Dual Enrollment Course

This course is a comprehensive, college level course that will enhance students’ preparedness for college experience in this field. The course covers the history of psychology, research/experimental methods and examples, great names in the field, the many subdivisions, and the direction of psychology today. Students are expected to present the maturity and participation of a college level student in this class. There is a lot of preparation involved before the AP Exam in May, but with open dialogue, feedback, and hard work, there will also be a lot of fun involved before the Exam as well.

Summer assignment is MANDATORY for all incoming students. May also be used for Dual Enrollment.


Grade 12
Course #0980
Criminology is the scientific study of making laws, breaking laws, and society’s involvement/reaction/role. Criminologists study criminal behavior in a variety of ways to collect and analyze data, patterns, and trends to gain a better understanding of criminal origins and identify prevention measures. This course defines the nature of crime and the characteristics of those who commit them, as well as research based theory. The course also examines our court and correction systems to identify their effectiveness in our society.  The role of Catholic values and principles in the various stages of the American Criminal Justice System is also questioned.  *This course relies on heavy use of computer technology and is part of a 100% paper-free classroom.  As such, this course requires participation in RBC's BYOD program.  Click HERE for more information.*


history and media

History and Media
Grade 12 (One Semester)
Course #0951 

Students will examine films, dramas and documentaries as historical evidence. They will view films on various topics and participate in Inner/Outer Socratic seminar discussions. They will write essays comparing film evidence to information found in more traditional sources such as articles, critical commentaries, and historical reviews.


Grades 11, 12 (One Semester)
Course #0978

This course is a scientific study of human society and social behavior.  Its focus, therefore, is on the group rather than the individual.  It emphasizes the concepts of culture, institutions, socialization and social inequality.  Collective behavior and social movements receive special emphasis in the course. 


holocaust elective

Holocaust Elective 
Grade 12

Students who choose to take this elective course will closely and critically examine the Holocaust in the context of modern European history and culture, with a strong focus on anti Semitism, the development of Nazi ideologies, and consolidation of power in post-WWI Germany. Students will evaluate moral, spiritual, and ethical issues that are central to learning about, and from, the Holocaust. By examining and evaluating the relationships that individuals and groups have to systematic mass violence and genocide, students will enhance their own capacities for critical self-reflection, moral development, and ethical decision-making in contexts where dehumanization, oppression, and injustice are present. This will be achieved through lecture notes, reading both primary and secondary sources, analytical essays and two examinations. 

contemporary global issues

Contemporary Global Issues
Grade 12
Course # - 0947

Modern Global Issues is the study of current social, economic, and political topics.  The course covers how these three areas of society have been impacted by or have impacted various global issues and how we, as a world, fit into these situations.  Students develop skills and build confidence as critical thinkers, persuasive and analytical speakers and writers, and evidence based debaters while arming themselves with the leadership qualities required to excel in today’s modern world.