Dual Enrollment


Red Bank Catholic has an established Dual Enrollment Program with Seton Hall University and Brookdale Community College. The program allows qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college level credit for certain Advanced Placement and/or Honors level courses taught here at RBC. The certified courses are taught by our faculty members who have been approved by Seton Hall and/or Brookdale as adjunct professors.

Seton Hall University Partnership - Click Here for Packet

More than 200 colleges nationwide accept transfer credit from Seton Hall University. A sampling of those colleges includes Rutgers, UCLA, Georgetown, Boston University, Duke and U Penn. Sophomore, junior, and senior students enrolled in the program must earn a minimum grade to receive college credit. 

Brookdale Community College Partnership - Click Here for Packet

Brookdale offers dual enrollment to eligible juniors and seniors in select courses here at RBC. Students must earn a minimum grade to receive credit from Brookdale. 

RBC Courses Approved for Dual Enrollment - Seton Hall University

AP Biology

AP Psychology

AP World History

AP English (Literature and Composition)

AP American Government and Politics

Honors Economics

World Religions

Honors 20th Century World History

RBC Course Approved for Dual Enrollment - Brookdale Community College

Writing Process

The Short Story

Introduction to Literature

Dual Enrollment Course Transcripts
Official transcripts are available online upon request and can be sent directly to another college/university to be applied to a student's college records. For more information, visit the Registrar's page of the Seton Hall University website.