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Summer Reading Guidelines


The objective of summer reading is to provide students with meaningful, relevant selections that will help foster their critical reading and analytical skills hopefully sparking a new curiosity and appreciation for literature, as well as the wondrous world around them.

We provide a variety of assessments, including projects, writing assignments, and objective tests. English teachers will provide specific instructions and dates within the first two weeks of school.   The assessments enable our students to demonstrate their comprehension of the books they read, as well as their ability to analyze and connect with the literature. 

English 2020

Spanish 2019

For Freshmen, Transfers and Level-Up Students

If you are an incoming freshman or a transfer student registered for one of the courses below, or a current student leveling-up to take one of the courses listed below, please use the links to download the Summer Assignment Packet for that course. These assignments are required to help us ensure you have been placed in the correct level Spanish course. Detailed instructions and due dates are included in the packet.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are taking ACP Spanish 1 there is NO SUMMER PACKET REQUIRED. If you have any specific questions, please contact Mrs. Piroso at:

Intermediate Spanish 1

ACP Spanish 2

ACP 3 (for students going into ACP 3 from ACP 2 who had a B- or lower)

Honors Spanish 2

Honors Spanish 3

Honors Spanish Language & Literature

 AP Spanish

Math 2019

Please use the links below to download the summer math assignment that corresponds with the course you are taking next year.

 *PLEASE NOTE- All students taking a math course are required to complete the Basic Skills packet.*

Students taking one of the classes below must complete the assignment for their specific class and will be tested on the material during the first quarter. Teachers will not be collecting packets, however students will be tested on the concepts in the packets. 

Basic Skills  

CP Algebra 1

ACP Algebra 1

Honors Algebra 1

CP Geometry

ACP Geometry

Honors Geometry

CP Algebra 2

ACP Algebra 2

Honors Algebra 2

ACP Pre-Calculus

Honors Pre-Calculus

Concepts of Calculus

Honors Applied Calculus

AP Calculus AB/Honors Calculus

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics