My first 3 daughters went to public school. My last daughter became interested in other high schools because she wanted to be in a dance program. I have to say that choosing RBC was the best decision for her. It’s a special place. She cheered for 4 years, she was on the dance team, she participated in the musical, and she loved every minute! Mrs. Gemellaro and the dance program were her favorite! She will miss that most. Sitting in the stadium at a football game as a parent you feel part of something, like a family. I have met alumni in their 80s who still come to the games even though they have no grandchildren currently in school. I have seen Sister Marge cheering on the kids from the stands. We will miss RBC and wish we had more time there. - Carolyn W
 The atmosphere at this school is heavenly. Great staff, teachers, coaches. Our son was not challenged in MS but RBC was a God sent because our son is literally flourishing in every area at RBC. This is so comforting for parents in the current climate of our country and world. Let us continue to pray for the school and staff each day. The world need more schools like this one. - Sherilyn R
 My daughter had a horrible experience in middle school. She became sad and withdrawn and it was heartbreaking to watch. After 1 year at RBC she is almost back to her bubbly smiling self. She says the teachers and students at RBC are so polite and caring. She feels very comfortable and at ease and loves going to school each day. - Maria D
 Great environment for learning. Surrounded by faith, friendship and academic excellence, our daughter is thriving! - Helen R
 RBC provided me with a quality education rooted in Christian values and morals, a deep sense of pride in my community, and friendships that will last a lifetime. - Jillian H. (RBC '11)
 Great High School my parents met here class of 1958 my wife class of 1981 and now my daughter class of 2021. - David C
  I have freshman twins this year ('19). Just went to back to school night yesterday. So happy with our decision to be a Casey! - Gabriel M
 My son just graduated from RBC this past June ('19) and my daughter is a sophomore this year. (I graduated from there too!) Such a great environment and education! We love RBC! - Jackie I
 Best 4 years for our daughter! - Laura. M
 Excellent preparation for college, teachers that care and support their students. Teaching in the Catholic tradition. I am a graduate and so are my 3 children and 2 grandchildren. One will graduate this June. I have maintained friendship with many of
my classmates. - Cathy C.
 So happy to have gone to Red Bank Catholic. The Casey spirit lives on! - LaurettaRose D.
 When I look back over 57 years, much of the success I've had in my life I trace to my education at Red Bank Catholic. While the academics were important, perhaps more important were the life lessons learned from extracurriculars and as a member of the student body: lessons about spirit, initiative, responsibility and leadership; about setting goals and then achieving them. And then there are the lifelong friendships and sense of community that come with being a member of the great RBC Class of ’62: Caseys. Then. Now. Always. - William J. (RBC '62)
 My whole family went to RBC and we loved every minute of it. I'm fortunate enough to have sent all 4 of my kids there and they will say to this day they wish they could go back! My son is a junior there right now and is enjoying every minute of it! Once a Casey always a Casey! - Diane L.
 Great environment for learning. Surrounded by faith, friendship and academic excellence, our daughter is thriving! - Helen R.
 When I compare the education I got to what friends got from their high schools, I am always amazed! The teachers were tough, but we learned a lot. I am eternally grateful I went to RBC. The friends I made over 30 years ago there are still my best friends! - Karen R.
 Very caring environment teaching good values. - Vincent S.
 After all these years many of my closest friends are from my days at RBC. - Brian F.
 Amazing school and atmosphere for students. - Joe L.
 My favorite 4 years were spent at RBC! I'm proud to be a Casey Alumni! - Jacqueline S.
 One of the best parochial schools in NJ. Generational history for me. Solid education and awesome sports. - Donna B.
 I was in the class of 2000.  My dad was in the class of 1965.  I believe RBC is the best school in NJ. - Robert K.
 I’ve had 3 children attend RBC and all 3 have enjoyed their stay.  GoCaseys!! - Elliott B.
 Red Bank Catholic gave me the values I've needed to deal with life honestly, kindly and realistically. Go Caseys! - Roberta E.
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