I have freshman twins this year ('19). Just went to back to school night yesterday. So happy with our decision to be a Casey! - Gabriel M
 My son just graduated from RBC this past June ('19) and my daughter is a sophomore this year. (I graduated from there too!) Such a great environment and education! We love RBC! - Jackie I
 Best 4 years for our daughter! - Laura. M
 Excellent preparation for college, teachers that care and support their students. Teaching in the Catholic tradition. I am a graduate and so are my 3 children and 2 grandchildren. One will graduate this June. I have maintained friendship with many of
my classmates. - Cathy C.
 So happy to have gone to Red Bank Catholic. The Casey spirit lives on! - LaurettaRose D.
 When I look back over 57 years, much of the success I've had in my life I trace to my education at Red Bank Catholic. While the academics were important, perhaps more important were the life lessons learned from extracurriculars and as a member of the student body: lessons about spirit, initiative, responsibility and leadership; about setting goals and then achieving them. And then there are the lifelong friendships and sense of community that come with being a member of the great RBC Class of ’62: Caseys. Then. Now. Always. - William J. (RBC '62)
 My whole family went to RBC and we loved every minute of it. I'm fortunate enough to have sent all 4 of my kids there and they will say to this day they wish they could go back! My son is a junior there right now and is enjoying every minute of it! Once a Casey always a Casey! - Diane L.
 Great environment for learning. Surrounded by faith, friendship and academic excellence, our daughter is thriving! - Helen R.
 When I compare the education I got to what friends got from their high schools, I am always amazed! The teachers were tough, but we learned a lot. I am eternally grateful I went to RBC. The friends I made over 30 years ago there are still my best friends! - Karen R.
 Very caring environment teaching good values. - Vincent S.
 After all these years many of my closest friends are from my days at RBC. - Brian F.
 Amazing school and atmosphere for students. - Joe L.
 My favorite 4 years were spent at RBC! I'm proud to be a Casey Alumni! - Jacqueline S.
 One of the best parochial schools in NJ. Generational history for me. Solid education and awesome sports. - Donna B.
 I was in the class of 2000.  My dad was in the class of 1965.  I believe RBC is the best school in NJ. - Robert K.
 I’ve had 3 children attend RBC and all 3 have enjoyed their stay.  GoCaseys!! - Elliott B.
 Red Bank Catholic gave me the values I've needed to deal with life honestly, kindly and realistically. Go Caseys! - Roberta E.
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