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Criminology Class Attends Speaker Series
Criminology Class Attends Speaker Series

Mr. Bowen’s Criminology and Law students spent several days last week attending a series of presentations to aid in their normal course material for the section covering Law Enforcement.  Monmouth County Sheriff’s deputy Kurt Kroeper introduced the classes to his K-9 partners, Skye and Gunner.  He explained the complexities of how dogs are trained to be police officers and provided demonstrations on drug identification and human tracking.  Both animals showed off their skills for the class including a real-time  tracking of Mr. Bowen who was “hiding” in the parking lot.  

Students walked over to the Red Bank Police station where Officer Dawn Shields and Captain Mike Clay gave them an in-depth tour of the facility. In the Detective Bureau students were able to handle tactical gear that officers may wear during criminal investigations.  

To wrap up the series, two members of the FBI came to RBC and spoke about the agency their own personal journeys to becoming FBI agents.  One was a special agent and the other was an intelligence analyst.  After their presentation, students asked candid questions about the different situations the agents might face within the FBI.  

Mr. Bowen notes how the speaker series is always beneficial to the students, “The time provided by these speakers to showcase curriculum in a real-world context is crucial step for students to gain a complete learning experience.”