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Students Celebrate Black History Month with Special Program
Students Celebrate Black History Month with Special Program

RBC Minority Leadership Society members with guest speaker Delisha Grant (2nd row, 6th from left)

In recognition of Black History Month, RBC’s Minority Leadership Society (MLS) held an event in the Broad Street Auditorium (BSA) to come together to honor African American leaders past and present.  The MLS is a leadership and service organization of minority students from all grade levels. The society’s goals include representing the school’s minority population on issues of concern, serving as a rapid response organization to assist the school when needed, attending a variety of workshops on leadership and college preparation geared to minority issues, and seeking minority-based scholarships to help pay for college.

For the Black History Month event, members performed readings of works by famous black authors and poets such as Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes and Sojourner Truth.  Some students read their own original work as well. The keynote speaker for the event was corporate attorney and Vice President of Legal and Compliance for Morgan Stanley in New York City,  Delisha Grant,  who addressed the students about college applications, self-esteem and working through disappointments in life to achieve their goals.  

Teachers came with their classes to take part in the event and the MLS members created a welcoming atmosphere for all to attend.  MLS junior Zekiah Mackey thought the event was well received among her peers and said,  “I could tell that many of the students from the classes who attended got a lot out of the presentations.  You could see on their faces that they wanted to stay and learn more.  The goal of the event was to share and highlight our perspective on historical and current cultural issues and I think we succeeded.”  Another junior MLS member Aisha Turene agreed, adding, “the most powerful part of the event was when we got to read our own original work.  We were able to express and share how we feel as minorities on the community.”  

The group hopes to grow their event next year and is already working on a performance highlighting stereotypes to be presented in the spring.  RBC is a school of many different students with various cultural ideas and perspectives.  The MLS Black History Month event was a perfect platform for those students to come together and share their individuality with one another.