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Art and Engineering Students Complete Collaboration
Art and Engineering Students Complete Collaboration

RBC Art and Engineering students collaborated on the creation of two fascinating sculptures that are now on display in the Media Center. The armatures for the sculptures were designed and built by Engineering students from chicken wire. Art students collected, hand painted, and cut plastic water bottles which were attached to the wire form to create the colorful sculptures. Art teacher Carla Valentino shared, “The majority of the bottles came from our own cafeteria. Art was created from something we usually throw away.” 

The first sculpture created by the students is titled “Dispersion” because it shows the separation of light into colors by refraction. The title of the second sculpture is “Sea Anemone” because it represents the flowerlike, brightly colored anthozoan sea polyps having a large body without a skeleton, and topped with petal-like tentacles.

The idea for the sculptures was inspired by the work of contemporary glass artist Dale Chihuly whose work is known around the world. He creates amazing, large scale sculptures using individual pieces of hand blown glass. The majority of his sculptures have an organic quality and are frequently displayed in outdoor settings such as the New York Botanical Gardens and Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton NJ.

The teachers and students involved are looking forward to collaborating on more projects in the future to be displayed in the Eck Student Center.