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Math XL - Developing Independent and Confident Students

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Math XL - Developing Independent and Confident Students

Math XL, an online math training and testing program, is building independent, more confident math students, ready for college and beyond. It is a smart program that Red Bank Catholic adopted last year, built to accompany Pearson's nationally revered textbook. Through data gathered on how long a student takes to work each question and which concepts the student has the most difficulty with, the program tailors subsequent questions to each individual's needs. Math XL provides real time feedback such as tips, tricks, and even video tutorials. At this point in time, Math XL is being utilized by all Algebra 1, Geometry, and Concepts of Calculus courses, and the Math Department plans on expanding it in the years to come.

The instructor can assign work based on specific chapters and objectives. This creates a "Study Plan."In addition to using it for homework, the math department uses a rotating schedule for their classes to use one of our computer labs where students log into their personalized Study Plan. There, the students work independently while the teacher walks around to guide and assist. Once logged in, Math XL takes over and begins to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each student, providing the student with a unique set of problems, allowing several chances to get a question correct before marking it incorrect. Math XL also randomizes the numbers used in each problem, so students who want to work together on homework can help each other understand the concept of the question, and not just sharing numerical values.

The Math Department still encourages, and in most cases requires, students to keep a scratch notebook, exclusively for showing their work. This allows the student and the teacher the opportunity to have a one on one conversation to identify where the student may need help with his or her calculations.

The future of the math classroom is here. Red Bank Catholic is embracing the challenge to strengthen our math students and to foster greater academic independence.