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The Language Lab Takes the Study of World Language to Another Level

Red Bank Catholic’s Sony Virtuoso Language Lab is a state-of-the-art facility and is one of the gems of our school’s curriculum. Installed in 2010, the lab hosts all of our Spanish and French classes on a rotating schedule. Each student has his or her own work station, equipped with computer, headphones, and microphone. Teachers create the assignments to be tailored to each student. In addition to typing their questions and responses, students have oral conversations in Spanish or French with each other and with the teacher.


What makes the lab unique and different from a traditional world language classroom is that it requires students to communicate both in the written word and in oral conversation for the entire class period, not just any time they raise their hands. A senior in Honors Spanish Literature said, “In a regular Spanish class, you may only answer out loud once or twice so you’re not getting much actual practice. With our lab, you’re engaged in conversation the whole class.”


RBC has been focusing on infusing technology into the curriculum for many years. The addition of the Language Lab has proven to be a major success in our continuing efforts to develop more successful and more literate world language students.