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"Nutrition Day"

We live in fast times, and eating healthy seems to be in stark contrast with the on-the-go lifestyle. The question of how to eat nutritious meals while maintaining our busy schedules seems to have gone unanswered by mass media and the fast food industries. Besides, PB & J is so easy to make, and isn’t that nutritious enough?

 Not quite, not if you ask the juniors in the Dance Department. They have been learning about good nutrition all year long. Nutrition is an essential piece to the dance curriculum, and last month, they combined everything they learned with a “Nutrition Day.” The day before Easter break, Mrs. Bascom, a pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish), catered all three junior dance classes with healthy eats, hitting all the essential nutrients a dancer needs to maintain a healthy mind and body. One dancer recalls learning that “by eating healthy, flavor does not need to be compromised.” Even the picky eaters sampled foods like tofu and quinoa porridge (the hit of the day), and walked away feeling “awake and energetic” for the rest of the day. And what was the best part? Not a single recipe was labor intensive and could be made just as quickly as that PB & J.

The juniors said that the whole experience was eye-opening. It started a conversation about what you put on your plate and in your body, and they see how it can affect your brain, your emotions, and your physical performance. You definitely are what you eat, even if what you’re eating looks a little strange to the burger and fry lovers of the world. While I was speaking to one junior class, I learned a great phrase, “eyes on your own plate.” To them, this means don’t judge others for what they are or are not eating. Food can be a very touchy subject for a lot of people, especially in the dancing world, and as long as you are doing what you can to eat better and feel better, then that’s all you have to worry about.

With full bellies and wide grins, the juniors were also swapping healthy recipes on nutrition day to further equip their arsenal against unhealthy “quick and easy” meals with nutritious ones.