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Hot Topics Launches Distracted Driving Campaign with "March Madness"
Hot Topics Launches Distracted Driving Campaign with "March Madness"

Last Friday afternoon the Eck Center bleachers were ablaze in four colors as each class cheered their team in the annual RBC “Battle of the Classes” March Madness event.  Members of the RBC Hot Topics Club launched their own spin on March Madness- a campaign to “Stop the Madness of Distracted Driving.”  The club partnered again with Sansone JR 66 Auto Mall and this year joined forces with the RBC Student Council to share its message with the rest of the student body.  The students came up with the campaign theme because they feel that getting behind the wheel is very much like going into battle. Drivers must stay focused, be confident that they can drive and brave enough to say NO when they know they should not.

To spread awareness about this serious issue, they sold “Battle of the Classes” shirts in each class color for students to wear to the event.  The classes displayed their distracted driving banners over their section of the bleachers.  As the event got under way and teams representing freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors entered the gym even the music selection reflected the spirit – from “Daddy Took the TBird Away” to “Jesus Take the Wheel.”  Students who took the distracted driving pledge waved their signs as they cheered their class to hopeful victory.

As in the previous years, the RBC “Just Drive” Campaign sponsored a video contest with students in Mrs. Flego’s, Mr. Booth’s and Sr. Marge’s Religion classes participating.  The judges chose Mr. Booth’s Period 5 class as the winner and the student body watched the winning video to open the Battle of the Classes.

Mrs. Genthe challenged her senior English class to write editorials about the RBC Just Drive Campaign and how its message has resonated with this senior class over the past four  years.  Judges will choose a winner in the coming weeks.

The Battle of the Classes event was a great way for the Hot Topics Club to kick off their campaign. April is the official Distracted Driving Awareness Month and club members have much planned.  There will be a Parents’ Pledge, a car magnet sale, guest speakers, an RBC Just Drive car magnet sale and more. The campaign culminates with the Hot Topics Club video which the students will produce and submit to the Brain Alliance of NJ video competition.   The club has entered this challenging competition for the past four years and was awarded runner-up each time. This year they hope to win and bring back a driving simulator for RBC.  Good luck Caseys!