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RBC Welcomes Schroth School Students
RBC Welcomes Schroth School Students

On Tuesday, April 25th, the Casey Caregivers Club hosted ten high school students from the Schroth School in Wannamassa for a special visit here at Red Bank Catholic. The Schroth School provides education for students with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays. The “Caseys for a Day” students arrived to a warm welcome from Principal Mr. Abatermarco and Caregiver Club members who gave them each a Casey sweatshirt to help make them feel right at home. Senior Alexa Bizzigotti also designed a colorful welcome banner displaying the name of each Schroth School student which her fellow club members helped create.

A Casey Caregiver Club member escorted the students, most of whom use electric wheelchairs, to each of the three different classes they were scheduled to visit.  They attended classes in Honors Physics, Honors Geometry, Honors US History 2, Major British Writers, Advanced Drawing and Honors Spanish 4. Each teacher prepared a unique and sensory-oriented lesson for their classes that day. One teacher commented, "It was an honor to have the students visit my classroom. I believe they teach all of us more than we could ever teach them." 

Perhaps most inspiring was the presentation by Taylor English, an 18-year-old Schroth School student who spoke to RBC students in an assembly that afternoon. She described her life as a student at Schroth School and explained how despite her physical challenges, she is a typical teenager with interest in boys, prom, SnapChat and Taylor Swift. Then Erin Wright described what is like to be a sibling of a Schroth School Student.  While she spoke she held Taylor's hand and expressed great fondness for the students who attend the school and described the positive experience her brother has had as a student there. Schroth School student Jazzmine Price also shared a speech that she had prepared.  

Schroth School teacher and Community Outreach Liason Paddi Golden graciously thanked Red Bank Catholic for the ongoing friendship between the two schools and for “the gift” that RBC has been to their school.  At the end of the presentation RBC students climbed onto the stage to personally connect with all the presenters.

The day culminated the Eck Center where RBC dance and theater students gave a special performance.  The students were enthralled by the music and movement that they saw. They received RBC rucksacks as they boarded their buses to return to their school and said heartfelt thank yous to all their Red Bank Catholic friends.

The impactful experience that day inspired Casey and Schroth School students, teachers and administrators alike, and will certainly be remembered as a highlight of the RBC school year.