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Casey Caregivers Create Games for the Schroth School
Casey Caregivers Create Games for the Schroth School

The Casey Caregivers Club has enjoyed a long friendship with the Schroth School, and recently fulfilled a request to make sensory games for their classes. The Schroth School serves students, pre-school age through high school, who have complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays.  

The RBC students came up with ideas to rework some of their own favorite games so the Schroth students could enjoy them too.  They developed colorful bingo boards with pictures of pop icons.  When their teacher plays the songs, the students will put a marker on the pop singer’s picture.  The Bingo game was created by senior and Casey Caregivers Vice President Amanda Dobrowolski. Club members also created brightly colored Go Fish cards using an idea produced by senior Sarah Casucci, club President.  Sara and Amanda said that “after visiting the Schroth School we realized how much the students’ interests are just like ours, so we wanted to design sensory games that would mean a lot to them and that we loved playing as children as well.”

The Casey Caregivers and RBC Cheerleaders have a long-term caring relationship with students at the Schroth School.   They make regular visits to the school to help with fairs, holiday parties, and classroom activities. In 2016 the Schroth School honored Red Bank Catholic with the Young Leaders Humanitarian Award at their Rosebud Gala.  

Spending time at the Schroth School has led RBC students to develop interests in college majors in Occupational Therapy, Special Education, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy.   RBC was pleased to engage in a classroom infusion project last year in which 11 students from the Schroth School spent the day following a typical RBC school schedule. Club member Alexa Bizzigotti, (RBC ’17,) commented after this unique day, “this was the best day I have ever spent at RBC.”