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Virtual Reality Learning Comes to RBC
Virtual Reality Learning Comes to RBC

As part of RBC’s commitment to 21st Century learning, this year the school has added virtual reality (“VR”) goggles and Google Expedition  software to the already long list of instructional aides for teachers.  This technology will provide teachers the opportunity to take students to other parts of the world, other times in history and through components of life not visible to the naked eye.

The VR system allows the instructor to monitor full-time via an iPad.  Instructors can direct students to a particular part of the VR lesson as well as identify where each student is through an icon that appears on the iPad.  This provides the opportunity for real-time instruction as the student navigates through the experience.

Science teacher and Department Chair Mrs. Mary Jane Davis recently introduced her AP Biology students to the internal structure of a cell and its components using the VR system.  She noted the benefits almost immediately:  “It can be frustrating for students to grasp multidimensional material from a textbook.  With VR, they can be exposed to all aspects of the concept and actually navigate their way through it.”  Senior Amanda Dobrowolski agreed adding, “the virtual reality component as an instructional tool added the emphasis on how the parts of a cell work together.  We could experience that in real time.”

Mrs. Davis indicated there are many other related lessons available for her classes.  She plans to include VR experiences in her Anatomy classes as they discuss various systems of the body.  Students in a Spanish Culture class made a trip to Spain using the goggles to visit a number of significant Spanish landmarks which they had discussed in class.  RBC students are fortunate to have the opportunity to have access to these advanced educational opportunities which will be used across the entire curriculum.