Junior Year


Useful Links:

RBC Guidance College Planning PowerPoint Presentation

RBC Guidance Financial Aid PowerPoint Presentation

NJ Higher Education Assistance Authority (HESAA) Student Loan Guide

NJHESAA Interactive Student Loan Game Plan


-PSAT (administered in school in October)

Winter and Spring:
-Junior/Parent Guidance Group Meeting (December)

-Junior/Parent individual meeting with Guidance Counselor. Visit the Courses and Offerings page of the website prior to the meeting to explore your senior year course options and discuss your preferences with your Counselor.

-Take the February ACT exam at RBC.

-Take the March SAT exam.

-Submit course requests for senior year (February). 

-Register for the SAT and consider whether you should register for any SAT Subject Tests and/or the ACT. Visit the College Board website to learn more about which SAT Subject Tests are offered and when to register-  http://sat.collegeboard.org/register/sat-subject-test-dates  Learn more about the ACT Test at-www.actstudent.org  Discuss testing options and scheduling with Guidance Counselor.

RBC school code number for the SATSAT Subject Tests and ACT is 311-295

-Continue to research colleges using Naviance, the College Board website, and college guides such as Barron’s or Peterson’s.  

-Create a list of possible colleges and visit their websites.  Contact their Admissions Offices and ask to be put on their mailing list.  If applicable to you, also contact coaches, music and theater directors, heads of departments that may be of special interest to you, etc.

Spring and Summer
-Visit college campuses. Be sure to register with the Admissions Offices and follow up with thank you emails. Take advantage of long weekends and Easter Break to visit schools - it is better to experience colleges while classes are in session. Students are permitted two excused absences for visiting schools.

- If you are thinking about applying to any military academy, begin the application process. You will need a nomination form your senator or congressman. This process begins before the summer, so check the US Government's Military Colleges and Universities Website for more information.

-Continue to research colleges and refine list.

-Update resume via Naviance.

-Stay in touch with contacts made at colleges.

-Request letters of recommendation so teachers have enough time to have it ready for you in early fall. Talk to your Guidance Counselor about which teachers would be best suited to recommend you. Requests should be made personally first and then electronically through Naviance. Go to Senior Year page for instructions.

-Start outlining essay for the Common Application.

-Register and prepare for the fall SAT’s

-Consider registering for the summer College Essay & Common Application course.  Email communication for our summer course program will be sent late spring 2023.