Senior Year

The College Application Process

Before You Begin -Important Notes:

  1. The Guidance Department sends all school documents electronically via eDocs.  These documents include transcripts, teacher and counselor recommendations, school profile and Common App reports.  Students MUST first establish a Common App account then link it to their Naviance account in order for Guidance to electronically submit any documents. Please click HERE for step by step instructions. 

  2. Speak to your Guidance Counselor about applying Early Action or Early Decision to schools that offer it. Deadline for most Early Action and Early Decision applications is October 15th so students will need to begin the college application steps outlined below in early September. 

  3. We recommend submitting applications to large state universities and military service academies by early October. Visit the US Government Military Colleges and Universities Website for more information about additional application requirements.

  4. Note which schools have rolling admissions and apply to them as early as possible.

  5. Students are permitted two excused absences for visiting schools.

For more information regarding Applying Early, click HERE.
For important notes regarding the Common App, click HERE.


By September 30th:  (MUST be done in order for Guidance to submit documents to colleges)
 1.  As noted above, establish Common App account, complete FERPA (Federal Education Rights Privacy Act) waiver and link Common App account to Naviance. Click HERE for instructions

2.    Add prospective colleges in Naviance.

3.    Invite TEACHER RECOMMENDATIONS in Naviance under “Colleges I Am Applying To.” Click HERE for instructions.  It is important to do this as soon as possible in order to give teachers enough time to complete letters by deadline.

1. Senior/Parent Group Guidance Presentation -  The electronic college application process is presented along with resources available to students. Guidance Department staff will answer any questions. It is very important that student and parent attend in order to understand the process.  There will be a morning and an evening session. 

2. Senior/Parent Individual Guidance Counselor Meeting - Discuss student's college application progress and future plans.  

3. Complete resume of extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, employment, leadership etc. to use while completing applications and to submit to teachers and counselor for letters of recommendation.

4.  Parents- complete Parent Brag Sheet and submit to counselor.

5. Make a list of schools you are applying to and create a spreadsheet of all requirements and deadlines, being sure to note Early Action or Early Decision deadlines. Mark off each requirement as you complete them.  

Be sure to note which colleges accept the Common App, which accept Common App but also have their own required supplemental information, and which colleges only accept their own application. 

Note which testing is required or recommended for each school (ie: SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT.)

Note how many letters of recommendation are required and if there are specific subject teachers the school requires.

Note which schools have separate applications for Honors Programs and Scholarships and apply if you are interested.

6. Register for and take all required testing so that scores can be submitted by application deadline.

7. Submit testing scores to each school. Students MUST submit their own scores directly from College Board or ACT websites.

8. Personally and electronically (via Naviance) request teacher recommendations. MUST be done before requesting transcripts. Click HERE for instructions.

9. Submit transcript requests to Guidance Department. Click HERE for instructions.

10. Complete all applications and submit by deadlines.  Be sure to get a confirmation after you hit “send.”

11. Follow up on teacher recommendation requests.

12. Keep checking on the status of your applications via the college admissions websites to be sure your applications are complete.

1. Schedule college interviews if necessary.

2. Sign up to attend information sessions with college reps who are scheduled to visit school. Check the Guidance Department Calendar for college rep visits.

3. Schedule more campus visits, remembering to register in the Admissions Offices and following up with thank you emails.

1. Maintain strong GPA- some schools require second and third marking period grades.

2. Schedule more interviews with college reps.

3. Submit additional honors and awards to Admissions Offices.

4. Submit Financial Aid information (FAFSA.) Deadline is February 1st.  This must be completed for schools to offer any financial aid package, including federal loans.  Go to: Click HERE for more information regarding financial aid and the FAFSA.

1. Colleges will rescind offers if final grades are low so be careful of “senioritis!”

2. Reply to all admissions offers by May 1.

3. Keep Guidance Counselor informed of as schools send decisions and give him or her copies of acceptance letters and any scholarship awards.

4. Keep in touch!   You will soon join the thousands of RBC graduates who will always proudly call themselves Caseys.  Stay connected by submitting your new contact information HERE