Early Action/Early Decision/Rolling Admissions

Applying Early

Most colleges offer the option of applying early. The application deadline is typically October 15th. Speak to your Guidance Counselor about this option and if it would be to your advantage to apply early to certain colleges. Check each college website for deadlines.  Colleges will offer “Early Action” and some will offer “Early Decision.”

Early Action


Acceptance by Early Action is not binding.  If you are accepted by Early Action, you may still choose to attend another college. You will have until May 1st to make your decision.

Early Decision


Acceptance by Early Decision is a binding agreement between you and the college.  If you are accepted via Early Decision you have agreed to attend that college and you must withdraw your applications from all other colleges.

Rolling Admission


Rolling Admission is a process used primarily by large state universities but not exclusively. Under this policy, applications are read as they are received rather than all at once after a certain deadline. If you apply to a college with this policy, we recommend you get the application in as early in the fall as possible.