Establishing CommonApp Account and Linking to Naviance:

1.     Go to  and set up your account.

2.     Write down your CommonApp username (your email) and password – you will need to remember these! Your email is also used to link to your Naviance Account. 

3.     Add your colleges the colleges you will be applying to via the CommonApp. 

4.      Click “Assign Recommenders” (sidebar) and the FERPA agreement appears.

5.      FERPA  MUST be signed before you may proceed.

6.     Login to Naviance and match your CommonApp email to your Naviance account.

7.     NOTE: You must complete a CommonApp and sign the FERPA even if your   school is not on the Common Application.


Notes Regarding the Common App

If a college has its own application online, but is also a member of Common App, you MUST use Common App rather than the college’s individual application in order for Guidance to send documents electronically.

If a college does not subscribe to CommonApp, complete the school's online application, but you still MUST complete the Common Application in order to send electronic documents via Naviance.

Be sure to complete the payment screen BEFORE submitting the application.

A GREEN box will appear at the top of the screen to confirm that your Common Application has been successfully submitted.



Many schools require supplements to the Common App. The Common App website lists each school and whether a supplement is required.  Students are responsible for determining if a supplement is required. If the application is done electronically, all supplements must be done electronically as well.

Creating Different Versions of Your Common App


In some cases, students may wish to send a different version of their Common App to different colleges. Students may wish to indicate a different major or submit a different essay.  To do this follow these steps:

-Submit the Common App to at least one institution. Then logout of your account.

-Go to:

-Login to the Common App using your existing Username and password.

-At the Common Application screen, click the “replicate” link.

-Make the desired changes to the Common App

-When complete, there will be a second version of the application visible on the screen.  There will be a drop down menu in the upper right corner which allows quick access to all versions of your application.