Request for Transcripts

Prior to requesting transcripts:


1. Access the SENIOR Transcript Payment & Signature Form and fill out.  Download, print, sign and upload the signature page along with your $75.00 one time payment.

2. Student should have already started the application and linked CommonApp to Naviance. Student must complete the FERPA waiver/release form when establishing the Common App account. 

Transcript Requests:
After submitting the applications to the colleges, submitting parent brag sheet to the counselor and requesting teacher recommendation letters:

1. After completion of the SENIOR Transcript Payment & Signature form, Mrs. Brendel will send a counselor specific form link to the student via email for individual college transcript requests.

2. Enter "Request a Transcript: in Naviance.

Please allow 15 school days in advance of your first deadline and 10 school days prior to all additional college deadlines:

October 15th Deadline (some southern schools)- submit request by October 1st.
November 15th Deadline        - submit request by October 15th
November 30th Deadline        - submit request by October 30th

Transcripts include final grades through junior year.  If a school requests 1st quarter or mid-term senior year grades,  students must submit a separate request. Mid-year grades will not be sent automatically.

If the Transcript Request Form indicates that the student completed an online application, the Guidance Office will automatically submit the online Secondary School Report and submit it along with your counselor's letter. 

Unofficial Transcripts:
Students will receive an unofficial copy of their transcripts at the Senior/Parent Group Guidance Meetings or during the individual student/parent meeting with the student's Guidance Counselor.  An unofficial transcript is one that is in the student's possession, and not sent to a school directly from the Guidance Office. Students are encouraged to make copies of the unofficial transcript to have for college interviews, requests from college coaches etc.

 Contact Mrs. Brendel, the Guidance Office Registrar, with any questions regarding transcripts. 

Transcript Request Forms