Standardized Testing

PSAT – Preliminary SAT Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test


The sophomore year PSAT is administered in school as an opportunity to become familiar with taking the SAT. Students do not need to register.  In their junior year, students will take the PSAT again.   The results of the junior year PSAT determine National Merit Finalists and Semi-finalists. For more information about the PSAT and SAT tests go to the College Board website:


SAT Subject Tests
These tests are one hour exams that measure a student’s knowledge and skills in a certain subject areas and give students an additional opportunity to distinguish themselves and showcase their skills.   Some colleges do require applicants to submit scores for one or more SAT Subject Test, so students are advised in their freshman and sophomore year to become familiar with the requirements for the types of colleges they think they will be applying to.  Although most students take SAT Subject tests beginning their junior year, some subjects such as Biology, World History, Chemistry and Physics are best taken immediately after completing the course while the information is still fresh in the mind. Students may want to consider taking one or more of those tests if they feel they are strong in those areas and would like to pursue that course of study in college. Taking these tests earlier also allows students more flexibility in scheduling SAT’s and ACT’s in their junior and senior year.  Students should speak to their Teacher Advisor or Guidance Counselor to determine if they should register to take the SAT Subject Test(s).

For more information regarding the SAT II Subject Test, visit the College Board website:

SAT Reasoning Test


We advise students take the SAT Reasoning Test in January of junior year.  This early date will allow them enough opportunities to take the ACT, the SAT Subject Tests if they choose, to take the SAT twice more, and to allow for any unforeseen circumstances.   Students should discuss the scheduling of these tests with their Guidance Counselor.

ACT (American College Testing)


The ACT is an alternative to the SAT and many colleges and universities will accept it in lieu of the SAT.  The ACT is becoming more popular as it is meant to test  students’ knowledge of the subject based upon what they learned in school whereas the SAT was designed to be more of an aptitude test.  Some students find they may test better on the ACT than the SAT (or vice versa.)  Students should become familiar with what tests different colleges accept and discuss their options with their Guidance Counselor.  For more information regarding the ACT visit their website at: