You are a Casey. When your sons and  daughters enrolled at Red Bank Catholic, they became Caseys. You became a Casey too. We are all part of the Casey Family. It is our hope that every member of this family feels included, engaged and connected. There are many ways to connect with Red Bank Catholic as a parent, whether you have a little time or a lot. We ask that you consider joining a parent team or committee, whither it's the PTA, the Booster Club or the Performing Arts Parents' Association (PAPA.)   We ask that you support social events, attend information sessions and check the website often for opportunities to engage and to help out. The best way to engage with and help our community is to proactively participate. We encourage you to get involved both because we need your help, and also because we truly believe that by becoming more involved with the Red Bank Catholic community, your entire family will get more out of the Casey experience. Red Bank Catholic is a special place and the Casey Family is a special family. Become an active member of that family. The whole will be better for it.