After School Descriptions

After School Theater

Our After School Theater Program is a club offered to Freshmen and Sophomores that meets once a week after school from September to January. After School Theater is our version of Theater 101. Students learn the basics of acting: pantomime, improv, basic scene work, etc... Students who participate in After School Theater have the opportunity to perform scenes they've worked on each week in our annual "Coffee House Cabaret.”

Senior Black Box Projects

“Black Box,” the final project for seniors who take Honors Theater Arts, is also an opportunity for any RBC student to perform under the direction of fellow students. This is possibly one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences for our students, and is a great exposure to theater for those who have little or no experience.  Most go on to audition for the Fall Drama and Spring Musical the following year.  Senior directors conduct auditions for their own show. They give a breakdown of the play and characters, then ask the students to cold read with scene partners at random. After casting their shows, the seniors coordinate and conduct rehearsals with their cast, and are responsible for every aspect of production, culminating in Black Box Performance Night, held in the RBC Fine and Performing Arts Building.