Privacy Policy

 RBC has a contract with Google to use specific instances of G Suite which includes Google Drive. Any personal account you may have with Google is covered by different terms and may not have the same security and privacy as RBC’s agreement with Google.

 G Suite for Education provides enhanced collaboration with video and data sharing capabilities between student and teacher. Teacher’s video class lectures may be recorded and archived for later use to support learning.
 Students must always exercise caution online, especially when sharing data.
 When you access Google services you agree to Google’s terms of service for G Suite for education as stated in the G Suite Terms of Service Policy.
 If you violate these terms, RBC or Google may suspend or terminate your account.
 RBC does not back up data stored on G Suite for Education or any independent applications, and that RBC cannot recover any data or documents that are deleted from these applications.
 All student Google Drive data is deleted 2 months post graduation as posted in your Google Drive.
 The Google Terms of Service may change without notification. Users should check this document periodically to ensure they remain in compliance

 Google Functionality

     This website uses the Google Drive API to:
     List a user’s Google Drive contents in a password protected portal.
     Google Drive files can be copied onto the web server during this process.

RBC Computer Acceptable Use Policy

Google G Suite for Education Privacy Policy