List of Other Clubs and Activities

Additional clubs and activities meet outside of the Activity Period on T Days, usually in the morning before school.  Students are able to participate in these activities in addition to their T Day activities and should speak to the teachers listed about these opportunities.  Please listen to daily announcements and check the Student Portal for updates on specific events and meeting times.

Academic Team

Once a month during the fall and winter months the Academic Team has scholastic competitions at different area high schools.  These competitions are  Jeopardy-like contests where each high school enters a team of four students.  Prizes are awarded to the three highest scoring team.  Please direct questions to Mr. Nesci.

caseys for a cure

We will be participating in several cancer fundraisers as well as sponsoring the dress down day in the fall. We hope to get a team together to participate in a Relay for Life at one of the local high schools. Please direct questions to Mrs. Guarillio.

catholic athletes for christ

Launched in 2006, Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) serves Catholic athletes in the practice of their faith and shares the Gospel in and through sports.  We work with athletes at all levels of sport in an effort to promote a Catholic sports culture.  We are supported and endorsed by an Episcopal Board made up of Cardinals and Bishops from across the country.  CAC was formed in response to St. John Paul II’s call to evangelize the world of sports and his establishment of an office dedicated to Church and sports in 2004. As St. Paul’s epistles teach us, Christ is God’s true athlete and we are made perfect when, and only when, we imitate Him.  St. John Paul II advises us that “Every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ, that is a faithful and courageous witness to His Gospel.” CAC has developed its Cathletes™ chapter program for high schools across the country, including diocesan-wide programs.  The Cathletes™ curriculum is based on Catholic sports principles and was designed by CAC, with the support of athletes and coaches, in response to the request from bishops and school administrators across the country seeking an authentic Catholic sports program. Cathletes™ chapters regularly perform service projects and have opportunities to interact with CAC professional athletes and coaches.  We invite you to join us as a “Cathlete” for Christ! Meetings are held during Activity Period and also weekday mornings before school.  Listen to announcements for dates. Please direct questions to Mr. Flego.

Latin Club

The purpose of the Latin club is to promote an interest and appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Through this is the hope to impart an understanding of the depth of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity.  Please direct questions to Mr. Cavicchio.

Life Club

More than 300 students participate in LIFE Club (Living In Faith Effectively) projects to improve the quality of life for those in need.  A small group of 10 students, Planners, meet on T Day for organizational purposes to prepare and distribute information, but all students are welcome to participate in the projects.  Trying to live the message of the Gospel, these LIFE Club members choose projects that support Birthright, Lunch Break, St. Anthony Food Pantry, Project Paul, The Center, and Mercy Center. Please direct questions to Sr. Regina and Sr. Joanmarie.

Maryknoll Affiliates

Maryknoll Affiliates is a services group affiliated with Maryknoll Lay Missionaries. Maryknoll's mission is to raise the awareness of the overseas missions and to support the missions in our community at RBC. During weekly morning meetings the group discusses mission life as well as how it relates to Bible passages and how we live out the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. Please direct questions to Mrs. Regan.

Minority Leadership Society

The Red Bank Catholic Minority Leadership Society is a leadership and service organization composed of minority students from all grade levels. The goals of the Society include serving as a rapid response service organization to assist the school when need arises,  to represent the school’s minority population on issues of concern, to attend a variety of workshops on leadership and college preparation geared to minority issues, and to seek and minority based scholarships to help pay for college. MLS has responded several times at the request of campus ministries to raise money for student families, alumni, and staff. The Society has raised money for several students’ families and staff faced with illness or disasters.  MLS raised thousands of dollars to aid Haiti after the devastating earthquake.  They set up and ran a relief shelter distributing food and clothing to local families after superstorm Sandy.  The Society is known for its ability to respond almost instantly to any call by the school for help.  MLS meets twice a week, or as needed, during homeroom. Please direct questions to Mr. Heyer.

Mock Trial

This is a small but dedicated group of future lawyers, public speakers, and statesmen who have a passion for the workings of American legal system.  Students are assigned roles and the group fields both a defense and a prosecution/plaintiff team, with lawyers, witnesses, bailiff, etc.  The students then participate in a competition sponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation.  This is a wonderful learning experience, as students get to compete in actual courtrooms at the Monmouth County Courthouse, with actual judges and lawyers acting as judges in the competition. Please direct questions to Ms. King.

Sailing Team

The Sailing Team consists of accomplished sailors as well as those students that are simply interested in learning the ropes.  There are 2 practices a week, usually Mondays and Fridays, in Shrewsbury, and the weekly Regattas are held in Toms River, usually on Wednesdays.  The season normally runs for approximately 10 weeks. Please direct questions to Ms. Kaitlyn Dalziel.

Set Painting

Set Painting for the fall and spring productions as well as several dance shows throughout the year invites students to assist in the creation and painting of sets and props.  Please direct questions to Mrs. Valentino.

Students against destructive decisions (SADD)

The goal of SADD is to empower our young adults to make positive decisions in regard to their health and safety.  We will discuss and confront the risks and pressures that challenge them on a daily basis.  We educate peer to peer and foster a sense of belonging, hoping to promote resilience, leadership and advocacy skills so that young adults make positive life decisions that they will carry with them throughout life.  Our meetings take place every other Wednesday, after school, in Room 101. 

Student Council

Please direct questions to Mrs. Mahoney or Mrs. Gillroy.

Please refer to the Performing Arts Page for descriptions of after school Performing Arts activities.