2019 Fall Semester List of T-Day Clubs and Activities


Approximately twice a month, the school runs a T Day schedule, which integrates an Activity Period into the regular school day.  This provides all students with the opportunity to participate in clubs and activities (that do not conflict with after school commitments) and/or focus on schoolwork in a silent study.  T Days are posted on the school calendar on the website.

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Art Club

Art Club welcomes students of all grade levels to experience art making through a variety of media and techniques. All levels of ability and experience will benefit from the pleasure of guided creative expression. No experience necessary!  Please direct questions to Mrs. Valentino. 

Asian Culture Club

In this club, we’ll explore the wonders and gifts of the different Asian countries. We’ll delve into both past and present traditions and cultural aspects including holidays, foods, languages, and fashion.  A big focus of our club will be Asian pop culture such as anime, k-pop, Japanese video games, and more. Please direct questions to Ms. Carton.

Astronomy Club

The nighttime sky is filled with billions of objects, and many can be seen with the naked eye.  One objective of the astronomy club will be to identify planets, as well as stars and the constellations they make up.  We will also explore interesting things like black holes and galaxies, as well as events (space probes and launches, meteor showers, and eclipses).  Additionally, you will find out when local, public observations called “star parties,” are happening (and get your first look through a telescope!).  Members will have input as far as astronomy-related activities and astronomy-related SNACKS!  Please direct questions to Mrs. Fioretti.

Book Club

The Book Club celebrates reading and everything to do with books.  Students choose which books they would like to read and then meet and discuss each book during T Day. We have shared everything from Harry Potter to thrillers to historical novels and Manga and more. We will also occasionally watch a film adaptation of a favorite book. Refreshments are provided to help guide each discussion!  Please direct questions to Ms. Boylan.

Calc/PreCalc/Stat Study Session

Students can sign up for this session to for the opportunity for extra help in Calculus, Pre Calc, and Statistics. Please direct questions to Mr. Ientile.

Casey Caregivers

The Casey Caregivers Club focuses on reaching out to kids who have cancer or are suffering from long term illness or disabilities.  During club meetings we do projects for the Schroth School or K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital.  Our focus is to brighten the days of kids who are in poor health. We visit the K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital after school and the Schroth School during their school day. During the year we have speakers that help us to learn more about the issues that sick children and their families confront.   We also send boxes of supplies to our troops in time for Christmas.  All money for the club is earned through bake sales and our Kiss a Senior Goodbye project. Please direct questions to Mrs. Fellingham.


The foundation for Caseys4Life is the belief that all people are created equal in dignity. It strives to defend human life in all its stages. This group holds fundraisers and attends Pro Life events including the Pro Life Youth Rally at Seton Hall University and the March for Life in Washington, DC. Please direct questions to Mrs. Flego.

Catholic Athletes for Christ

Launched in 2006, Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) serves Catholic athletes in the practice of their faith and shares the Gospel in and through sports.  We work with athletes at all levels of sport in an effort to promote a Catholic sports culture.  We are supported and endorsed by an Episcopal Board made up of Cardinals and Bishops from across the country.  CAC was formed in response to St. John Paul II’s call to evangelize the world of sports and his establishment of an office dedicated to Church and sports in 2004. As St. Paul’s epistles teach us, Christ is God’s true athlete and we are made perfect when, and only when, we imitate Him.  St. John Paul II advises us that “Every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ, that is a faithful and courageous witness to His Gospel.” CAC has developed its Cathletes™ chapter program for high schools across the country, including diocesan-wide programs.  The Cathletes™ curriculum is based on Catholic sports principles and was designed by CAC, with the support of athletes and coaches, in response to the request from bishops and school administrators across the country seeking an authentic Catholic sports program. Cathletes™ chapters regularly perform service projects and have opportunities to interact with CAC professional athletes and coaches.  We invite you to join us as a “Cathlete” for Christ! Meetings are held during Activity Period and also weekday mornings before school.  Listen to announcements for dates. Please direct questions to Mr. Flego.

Constitution Club

This club examines the Constitution as it relates to the “day to day” lives of the population. Certain high profile legal cases or issues that garner special attention from media outlets will be studied from a purely constitutional perspective.  The main objective is a greater understanding and awareness of the rights and protections afforded the individual by our founding documents. Please direct questions to Mr. Gallagher.

Crochet for Charity

This group of students is devoted to using their skills to produce garments and blankets for those in need.  Students have made hats for newborn babies in Africa, hats and scarves for the homeless and victims of Hurricane Sandy.  This year projects include prayer squares for a camp for people affected by brain tumors and character chemo caps for children with cancer.  In addition they hope to teach their skills to others.  Please direct questions to Ms. Bischoff. 

French Club

French Club is open to current and former French students.  Activities will introduce students to French culture, traditions, cooking, and cinema. These will be on-campus as well as off-campus excursions. Please direct questions to Ms. Kent.

Gaming Club

Kirplunk. Life. Sorry. Boggle and Yahtzee, Dominoes and Chess. The Gaming Group gets together to play our favorite table-top games. Are you good at Jenga? Are you a Stratego Strategist? Do you know it was Professor Plum in the billiard room with the candlestick? Can you remove a funny bone without triggering the buzzer? Complete in one of your games or bring in a game from home. Play your favorite game with some of your favorite people at Gaming Group. Please direct questions to Mr. Ross.

Garden Club

Future of Ag-Tech will explore the world of agriculture and how it can improve with integrating technology and make it more sustainable. We will learn and build hydroponic systems that allow plants to grow without soil and examine the possibilities of  automating farming practices and the role drones can play in large scale farming. During second semester, the club will work on semester long project of building a sustainable garden. Please direct questions to Mr. Nesci.

Glamour Girls Club

The students in the Glamour Girls club make monthly after school visits to the local senior homes providing companionship and complimentary manicures to senior women. The club gives students a fun and creative way to volunteer while providing the elderly with friendship and a renewed sense of beauty and dignity. Please direct questions to Mrs. Regan.

Green & Gold Productions (Gr. 10,11,12)

Green and Gold Productions will engage students in the aspects of video production and live sports broadcasting. Students will have the opportunity to create, act, direct, broadcast, and edit their own professional quality videos that incorporate RBC values and community.  Please direct questions to Miss Gasparini.

Hot Topics (Gr. 10,11,12)

The Hot Topics club for upperclassmen develops two separate campaigns. During first semester we focus on RESPECT and its importance at RBC. Then second semester we have the Just Drive Campaign, which promotes driving and pedestrian safety.  The purpose of this club is to bring awareness to these issues with different activities. In the past we have created videos, posters, and banners, and held dress down days and bake sales all to get our messages out to the RBC community. Please direct questions to Mrs. Booth.

Improv Club

Improv Club, or Improvisation Club, develops and hones students’ improvisation skills, such as quick thinking, idea building, and cooperation. The Improv Club is run by RBC's more exclusive Improv Troupe, and will occasionally perform shows to benefit one of RBC's many charities or missions. Please direct questions to Mrs. Mack.

Junior Statesmen of America

The Junior Statesmen of America, or JSA, is a civics club that provides students with a venue to explore, discuss, and debate contemporary issues and politics at the local, national, and international levels.  Please direct questions to Mr. Gleitz.

Lab Assistants (Gr. 10,11,12)

Lab assistants work with Biology and Chemistry teachers helping prepare lab equipment, make solutions as needed, assist with inventory and act as lab partners for students who have missed a lab if they arrange to make up the lab during activity period. Students must have completed a year of Lab science at RBC so the club is only open to grades 10, 11, and 12. Please direct questions to Mrs. Davis.

Literary Magazine

The Literary Magazine, Reflections, encourages students to write creatively or express themselves in drawings or other artistic products.  Students can submit poems, short stories, or essays of personal observation and reflection.  Writing or drawing can be serious, comic, or satiric but should reflect student experience and connection to the preoccupations of our times.  Members should bring ideas about publicity to incite contributions from the student body, and should be enthusiastic about finding forms and themes for their own unique perceptions and ideas. Meetings provide prompts and models.  We publish the magazine once a year in the spring. Please direct questions to Mrs. Jacomme.

Marine Science Club

This club is open to students on all grade levels and is designed to be run by students’ interested in conservation, specifically pertaining to the ocean environment. The clubs year-long goals will be determined in the beginning of the school year and various activities and educational opportunities will be planned and offered based upon student interests. The long term goal is to participate as part of the National Youth Ocean Conservation Team and participate in the annual local conservation summit and in the National Youth Conservation Summit. Please direct questions to Mrs. Krzyzanowski. 

Military Careers

The Military Club’s main focus is to elevate the awareness of requirements necessary to apply for the ROTC programs and the Academies. Speakers from Military Careers as well as videos will be utilized to explore the possibilities available. This club has run fundraisers to support Wounded Warriors, supported the accumulation and mailing of supplies overseas, and attended Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies. Please direct questions to Mr. Jarmusz.

Physical Education Club

The PE club provides seasonal team sports competition for students who enjoy additional PE activity or do not have access to PE in their schedule. Students must bring PE uniform and dress to participate or they will be reassigned to a Silent Study.  Please direct questions to Mrs. Porzio.

RBC Making Wishes Come True Club

This club organizes and hosts several fundraisers for the Jason's Dreams for Kids foundation of NJ.  We seek sponsors and gift auction donations for our annual benefit event.  Club members must be willing and able to attend these events as well as be able to obtain a sponsor and a gift donation.  Please direct questions to Mrs. Kennedy.

Robotics Competition Club (Gr. 11,12)

Students in Honors and AP Level Science may register for this group. Students will build a purposeful fully automated device utilizing the Arduino Uno microprocessor and ancillary sensors, drivers and end-effectors.  The device may take the form of an industrial device or a mobile robot.  The student will design and build the device using commercially available electronic and electro-mechanical components as well as develop the software that controls the device using the available development environment compilers.  Please direct questions to Mrs. Walas.

Safety Club

The RBC Safety club will focus on student safety and security tips for college bound students. Members will learn about age appropriate campus and personal safety. Please direct questions to Mr. Heyer.

SAT Math Prep (10, 11, 12)

This club is open to students in grades 10, 11, and 12 who are taking or have completed Algebra 2 and are preparing for the SATs. Please direct questions to Mr. Ientile.

Scrapbook Club

Scrapbook Club gives students an opportunity to create scrapbooks in a fun and social setting. Different techniques and layouts will be discussed.  Students must bring in their own pictures and supplies to participate or they will be reassigned to a Silent Study.  Please direct questions to Mrs. Guarillio.

Sign Language Club

American Sign Language will be offered on the beginner level to all grades. Students will learn basic ASL and in addition will learn information on deaf culture and the history of the deaf population in America. Depending on interest, this may also be offered after school.  Please direct questions to Mrs. Rabasca (taught by Mrs. Guenther).

Signpost Club

Signpost is Red Bank Catholic's school newspaper.  It has a long tradition of excellence.  Its purpose is to inform the Red Bank Catholic High School community and to record the significant events, milestones, and activities of Red Bank Catholic.  Members of the staff grow in their roles as reporters, journalists, writers, leaders and citizens who realize the responsibility of fulfilling the people's right to know in a free society. Please direct questions to Ms. King.

Stretching, Breathing, Relaxation Club

This club is for all levels. We will guide you through a basic yoga stretching and breathing class. We will begin the class with light stretching to warm up the muscles and gradually increase to classic yoga poses with a relaxation exercise at the end. This 50 minute class will help you focus, relieve stress, and generally feel great in the middle of a hectic day!

Voice Performance Seminar Club

Voice Performance Seminar gives students the opportunity to perform for their peers.  Students will receive input on how they can improve their song performance. The Seminar will be run just as a typical voice performance class would be at any college.  Great for students preparing for auditions or who just love to perform! Please direct questions to Mr. Shirley.

Walking Club

In the Walking Club members will walk for fitness and fun and are encouraged to participate in area walks for charity. We will also hold our own charity walks to raise money for various causes such as Maryknoll, Lunch Break, or the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Each student will be required to bring sneakers and have a signed permission slip to leave campus. Walking will be done throughout the city of Red Bank. Please direct questions to Miss Gelchion.

Handbell Choir

The RBC Handbell Choir is dedicated to promoting the art of handbell ringing through artistic performance, serving the school and community through varied performances, and fostering interest in handbell ringing.  Please direct questions to Mr. Cavicchio.

Statistics Study Session

Students can sign up for this session to for the opportunity for extra help in Calculus, Pre Calc, and Statistics. Please direct questions to Mrs. Hedigan.

Working Animal Careers Club

Working Animal Careers Club provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the different careers that work with animals. Different guest speakers along with a service therapy dog named Cody will join the club on T Days. The club is open to students in grades 10, 11 and 12. Students interested in the club MUST be ok with a large dog being in the room. Please direct questions to Mr. Mabrey.