Senior Experiences


Madison Zimmerman










This fall, I was blessed to be an intern for Leah Brown at Tory Burch in New York City. This was a truly unforgettable experience. Leah was not only one of the most generous people I’ve worked for but she was truly inspirational in every way from work ethic to passion. With my internship came work but it was never grueling or arduous. It was always informative and fun to do work for the Tory Burch Marketing team! I learned stacks for appealing marketing along with learning things about licensing, organic marketing, and B2C which is the processing of business to consumer marketing. With my internship came fun day trips to events such as Chanel’s Winter Pop-Up where free ice skating took place and hot chocolate was served. Each day taking the ferry into Manhattan with Leah to go into the office was a great day for me. I could never thank Leah Brown, the Tory Burch Marketing Team, and Mrs. Booth enough for the opportunity given to me!



Caroline Greeley

Caroline Greeley interned in the Cardiac Unit at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, where her daily routine began with a 7:00am meeting in the Cardiac ICU.  At the meetings Caroline observed doctors and staff review patient updates from the overnight nursing staff, then the executive members of the Cardiac Unit as they conducted their daily briefing.  She would then meet with nurse practitioners to go over notes and do rounds. Caroline had the opportunity to observe a variety of heart surgeries and the post-op treatment of those patients.  At 5:30 Caroline would leave the hospital to head home and do the work she missed at RBC that day. Caroline is very grateful to Jersey Shore University Medical Center and especially to the doctors, nurses and staff in the Cardiac Unit for giving her this invaluable experience.  She will attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall where she plans to major in pre-med.

Ryan Decker

Ryan Decker‘s internship experience was with the Newport Capital Group, a national financial firm headquartered in Red Bank.  Ryan realized his interest in this internship earlier in the school year when the founder and president of Newport Capital Group, Mr. Domenic  Dipiero (RBC ’90) came back to RBC to give a presentation to students interested in majoring in finance in college. He spoke about his journey from being a Casey to being the founder and president of his own company. Ryan was so impressed with Mr. Dipiero’s presentation he knew that this internship was for him. The experience was everything Ryan hoped it would be.   He got his first actual exposure to the world of finance and learned about the operations of Newport Capital in particular.  Ryan learned a great deal from the project team he helped doing work relating to ESG (environmental, social and government)  investing and says will  pursue a career in finance at Arizona or Alabama University this fall.

More student testimonials:

•I am glad to see that RBC is continuing the Thomas G. Labrecque Internship Program.  I participated in this program during my senior year, and I absolutely loved it. 

• My internship was at Hugo Boss in their marketing department.  Not only did this internship give me valuable experience in the marketing industry, but it also helped me decide that I wanted to major in Marketing in college. 

•I can honestly say that my internship through the Thomas G. Labrecque Internship Program at RBC helped give me an introduction to the industry in which I am currently working.  I am hoping that by participating in this program as a mentor, I can provide that same benefit to another RBC senior