Yearbook Information

2019-2020 yearbooks are expected to be delivered sometime in August.  Production delays were due to COVID-19.  Emails will be sent on pickup arrangements once they arrive.
Please contact Yearbook Moderator Mrs. Patty Valente with any questions at

Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors only,

The yearbook company has finally gotten the yearbook site up and running for you to purchase a yearbook.

The cost ranges from $76.25 - $101.25 depending on package.

THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU CAN BUY A YEARBOOK. If you miss this date (Jan 15th) you have to wait until the end of the year to see if we have any extra. They will cost more at that time. Be sure to reserve yours now!



Please contact the Yearbook Moderator Mrs. Valente with any questions.