Endowed & Major Gifts

We are deeply grateful to the generations of parents, alumni, grandparents and friends who have supported our endowment and those of our predecessor schools. Their donations have supported our mission and strategically realized our vision for the future. Donors who make contributions to our endowment are leaving a legacy at Red Bank Catholic; ensuring our financial strength; and increasing our community's pride by allowing us to erect buildings, expand curricular and extracurricular offerings, and continue to attract and retain exceptional faculty and students.

An endowment is a dependable source of funding in which contributions are invested to generate a reliable stream of income. Each year, a portion of the value of each fund is paid out in support of its purpose.

Endowment gifts to RBC can be designated any of three ways:

      Unrestricted gifts can be made to the General Endowment (The Casey Fund), a critical source of support for RBC. Gifts to the Casey Fund ensure our ability to sustain the financial strength of our school, evolving and growing as needed. It also allows us to meet unforeseen opportunities and challenges should they arise.

     Gifts can be used to establish a new named fund, with terms specifying how the income shall be used established by the donor. Establishing a new endowed fund requires a $150,000 minimum donation and can be done through outright and multi-year gifts, gifts of stock, or bequests.

To learn more about RBC’s endowment or any of our funds, or to discuss establishing a new fund, please contact gottak@redbankcatholic.com.